Film and Music industry in Kenya

I sat in front and watched the contestants sing, rap and perform spoken word. There was too much talent in the hall. Why should all this talent go unrecognized? Why should it go to waste? Life offers us a lot and it is up to us to know what to do with the time we got and our God given talent. If there is one thing am grateful about, is been given a chance to enhance and promote talent in the music and film industry here in Kenya. I might be wrong but the truth fact about the Kenyan film industry is that it needs to be embraced

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Meet the Contestants – Page Three

Contestant Nine - Abracadabra What are you full names?  my name  is  Benderson Wagura Wangeci, 20 years of age AKA ABRAKADABRA. What do you have to say about NRS? Next Rated super star program has given me and  other  aspiring  artist  like  me  a  solid  platform to  showcase my  art. I have also got  to meet  other young  aspiring artist like  myself . How can people vote for you to win in the competition? You can vote  for me by sending.. Star Abrakadabra to 22348 as many times as possible through your safaricom

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Meet the Contestants – Page two

Contestant five -Olive Sharrif What are you full names?  Am Olive Shariff. What do you have to say about NRS? NRS is a nice organization to me in that, it has made me meet different great types of artists as I always do share more ideas and challenges in music industry with them. How can people vote for you to win in the competition? To vote for me, SMS  STAR OLIVE SHARIFF TO 22384. What would you do if you were to win this competition? My parents and families are not near me and they also don't have any means of

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Meet the Next Rated Superstar Contestants.

There is nothing that feels good than seeing young talented Kenyans unleash their talent. Next Rated Superstar is here to support local talent. I got a chance to be with the contestants and  ask them on what they thought about NRS. Here is what they had to say: Contestant One : Diana Gitonga What are you full names?  My name is Diana Kaburi Gitonga, a third year student pursuing a degree in Environmental Science at Kenyatta university. Despite my passion for the labs and my environment, I am an art lover! Music and poetry has

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Next Rated superstar – Group B Auditions.

This is a music competition where we get to choose the top guys in singing and will later receive sponsorship to go to Nigeria and record with well known artistes from Nigeria. If you missed my article on the Next Rated Superstar explaining what it is about, click here . The first eliminations were on 17th September at Sarakasi Dome, Ngara and we got to see talent and pure talent. Youth with strong voices, sweet voices and also rappers. For real, Kenyans got talent. Tusker Project Fame came and made Kenyans stars. Next Rated

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Where I stay…

I moved into my neighborhood sometime last year and I never ever regret doing that. So, before that I lived in Ngara in a hostel. Not that I liked staying there but my mama been this old fashioned and insecure lady thought that it was a great idea to stay in the hostel. She is the kind of parents who think that if their daughter comes to Nairobi, she will get into bad company or she will just get pregnant from the blues. You guys get what I mean. What she did not know is that hostel is a total mess. OK, not really a whole lot of

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KithyLouise Turns One!

Am so happy. I feel like it's my birthday. Today, KithyLouise turns a year older. A year wiser. A year towards more creativity. But let me tell you something..It has not been easy. Life in general has taught me so much. At this age, I have learnt to just live my life and do what I love and what I want with my life. This is because Life is too short. Too short to waste it in things that do not make you happy and the truth is I never want to regret when I get old and start wishing I did this and that back in the day. I don't even

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Next Rated Superstar *

Over the years African Music has proven to be the most listened all over the world, our distinctive genres have enabled us to safeguard our respective musical culture. Many Africa countries have managed to hold on to their musical identity but we have some countries that lack that musical identity, one being Kenya. We've heard about Tusker Project Fame,  well known as TPF. One of our own Kenyan talents showcased for us to see. It's true Kenyans got talent and now the Next Rated Superstar. There will be a competition that is to

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KithMmy YouTube Channel

Nothing is going through my mind right now. Am thinking of listening to some music but that will not resolve my mystery in this Life. I have for the longest time lived this life without focus. I have just been living. Just Living. But I am loving the new me, I am loving how focused I have been of late and how 'busy' I have been. Yeah, the busy is in quotes because I can not tell what I have been doing however busy I have been. I seriously need some help. In my yes, It's my life - two Here ,  I said I was thinking of  starting a

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Old Lady in My Dream.

Yes I saw the old lady. It was her. She was standing right next to me. She stretched her hand as if asking me to hold it but I was not sure whether to so I did not stretch back. That moment, I looked at her face and it looked old, skinny and dry. I realized she looked sad and miserable. Like she had been living in a land with no water, no life and no love. It felt like we had a connection...A special connection. I could feel her heartbeat. I could feel how sad she was. I could feel too much already and I was afraid. I was sure

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