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Please, Take Me To Church

I stare at my white ceiling. The white ceiling that has huge brown spots due to the rain licking inside.  It's staring back at me. Does it ever get tired? My mind hits back to how many times I have had to consult the caretaker. It's like am usually preaching to him and he never seems to understand what am saying. It has now become a daily habit to always remind him I need my ceiling fixed. Few months down the line, still nothing. At this point I feel like giving up and just leaving this house completely. I have had enough

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Yes Mama I Did it!!!

I sometimes look back at my high school life and wonder how I made it through. I was not the best that everyone wanted me to be. I was average. I hate average. Average this, average that. I wanted more. I needed more than just education. I wanted to experience life outside school. Life outside the closed gates. Life outside wearing uniform the whole time. This is what I wanted. Freedom to do what I want at any time. I had a dream.... I recall one day an uncle of mine asked what course I wanted to pursue after school. Ok , here

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It’s the good life…

I still look forward to that day. That day that I will just lie in my warm bed the whole day. Have breakfast in bed, Lunch in bed and just lie there. No stress. No worry about life. I look forward to that day that all I will be doing is picking business calls from clients and telling them to work as per my schedule. If am not available, no meeting will take place.  I call this the good life. No meeting will take place because I will be the boss lady. I do the clients hold a meeting without the boss-lady been there?

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Is this Love?

She will never understand that kind of feeling.  A feeling that made her heart throb fast at the thought of him. A feeling  that made her nervous.  This feeling was so intense. A kind of  feeling that made her get lost in deep thought. Her imagination would run wild at the thought of him. Was it love? Was it lust? Was it infactutation? If only she could get someone to answer that question on her behalf.  It was evident she was in love with him but was he in love with her? Had she thought they were going to be together? Maybe

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Lupus: A story on resilience.

#REBLOG Lupus:  A story on resilience BY AUSTINE ARNOLD -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let me tell you something you may not know. One day, your body may decide to turn against you. On a fine crisp morning like today’s, after several years of being relatively healthy, your immune system may wake up in a bad mood and start fighting your very healthy organs and tissues. You will have no clue what will be

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Fare thee Well Ι By Anonymous

So, first am taking a break from my online story 'Karaoke Night that changed her life'. But I will be back soon dear readers. It 's really frightening how one does not know the day or time that we shall die. But the truth is we all shall die. All I know is that I live my life to the fullest because life is too short.  She told me to call her (Anonymous) on this post. She is my cousin and here is what she had to say about death that robbed us our dear cousin. GUEST POST BY ANONYMOUS Today I was just seated quietly in the house

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My Story – Life Happens

Based on a true story... I would be lying to myself  if I said  I do not miss her. She was the best friend I never had.  Always there for me when I needed her. We were primary school best friends. My mama had just taken me to this school in Eastern. My first boarding school. I loved this school because it was not far from home.  Her name was Mary Anne. She was my best friend in the school. She was outgoing, fun to hangout with and did not care about what others thought of her. I loved her attitude more so her way to handle

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All I wan’t to do is write

All I want to do is write. Everytime I wake up and look out of my window, watch the sunrise warmly invite me to a new day. A new day that is  welcoming. So welcoming that I wish days were longer than they are. As I sit on my couch and fantasize, all I can think about is what to write. I wan't to write about everything. I have so much to write that my heart sings "Kithy continue writing, this is what you are".  A times I have been down. Felt sorry for myself  that I may not have enough content to write. Until I sit down and focus,

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The Old Me

I flew to Germany for my christmas holiday. Yeah..that is just me in the fantasy world. A world that I see myself in a few years. A dream I know will come to pass. Anyhu............... I just realized how old am getting. 2016 was a year I never thought would come to be. Back in 2010, 2016 seemed so far away. Now 2015 is gone. Gone so fast that I feel I might not have achieved what I intended to achieve in 2015. This year I vowed no resolutions. I will just live life. I will just continue to grow old and wise. I dread the

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My Foreseen Christmas

"Hey Kithy, what's your plan this christmas?" I have woken up to like six whatsapp chats asking me this. That is  when it has truly hit me that the festive season is finally here. The season that one is always looking  forward to. Well, to me everything seemed normal not until after receiving those texts. I am at work, so for now no plans. I will start knowing  what to do next week on Wednesday, that will be on 24th. I am sure I will be heading back to my roots. Kirinyaga, the place I belong. On that 24th, my brothers and

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