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Film and Music industry in Kenya

I sat in front and watched the contestants sing, rap and perform spoken word. There was too much talent in the hall. Why should all this talent go unrecognized? Why should it go to waste? Life offers us a lot and it is up to us to know what to do with the time we got and our God given talent. If there is one thing am grateful about, is been given a chance to enhance and promote talent in the music and film industry here in Kenya. I might be wrong but the truth fact about the Kenyan film industry is that it needs to be embraced

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KithyLouise YouTube Channel

Nothing is going through my mind right now. Am thinking of listening to some music but that will not resolve my mystery in this Life. I have for the longest time lived this life without focus. I have just been living. Just Living. But I am loving the new me, I am loving how focused I have been of late and how 'busy' I have been. Yeah, the busy is in quotes because I can not tell what I have been doing however busy I have been. I seriously need some help. In my yes, It's my life - two Here ,  I said I was thinking of  starting a

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The Contemporary Dance

Yesterday evening I had a chance to attend the Contemporary Dance Performance "WHAT DREAMS MAY COME" at the Go Down Arts Center , Nairobi. It was my first time going there and I must say it was a nice experience.  Thanks to my friend Darius The Go Down arts center is a place for Kenyan creativity in media and Arts. Being my first time, I enjoyed the serenity and the graphics drawn on the walls outside the hall. The drawings on the wall prove that Kenyans really have talent. I also saw a portrait

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My Playlist two

Yeey! The weekend is here! Time to listen to some sweet soft music! My continued playlist from playlist one here is the link for those who did not get a chance to read. Songs in the link below! 6) Creed - With arms wide open 7) Nickelback - Someday 8) Nickelback - Photograph 9) Hoobastank - Reason 10) Hinder - Better than me so , today I will not be

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Me & You

Am so happy its friday!!! Finally the week is done! Listening to Me & You - Ommy Dimpoz ft Vanessa mdee  at the moment and am so loving it! Seriously , cant get enough of this song!! I've been repeating it for the past half hour. The song is Bongo , has great beats. Its a club banger! Ommy Dimpoz moves are driving me crazy!  Vanessa Mdee is hot and she has a great voice!!! Great combination this is! Click below link to listen to the song! This song is killing me

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My Playlist 1

Its Saturday,the weekend is here! After a busy week, we all deserve to relax with some soft , sweet music.  Am a soft rock lover and I thought of sharing my this week playlist with you and am sure it will be  worth listening to not only to soft rock fellows.  Listen to the below songs and share in your views. Songs in the link below.. #MyMusicPlaylistOpinion  Its not Over by Daughtry - This song is catchy and solid from the

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KithyLouise the Writer!

Well, today I had not scheduled to post on my blog and I thought of  sharing why I started my blog and a little bit about myself  because several people have been asking me that... You can call me a writer, author or a blogger. Trust me am fine with any. Am a lady, from a village in Kerugoya , just completed my degree in Information Technology in Jomo Kenyatta University Of Technology - Nairobi Campus, Kenya. My blog is 3 days old as I write this. I remember my first note on Facebook in November 2013  'My very own description

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