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Taking Stock – Four

It is Monday, the 11th of September 2017. I am sitting on my desk and realizing that It has been a whole year since I did a taking stock series. I feel like I owe my readers on what is currently happening in my life since I have also been missing in action for a while now.. Well, I hope you have all been good. Here,  get to know what I have been upto. Currently : In Westlands . This weeks quote : Keep Walking and never look back! Wearing: Blue Khaki, chiffon top and black blazer. Thinking : Where I will be in five

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Yes It’s My Life – Three

I have sat down and thought about my so called 'life'. I might be over thinking but all I know is I did not come up with an answer to all my questions. You know, questions like where will I be in the next five years or so. Questions like what will happen if my life came to a halt today? Would the friends I call friends come to my burial? Would I be sleeping in the coffin and see that is Mary Anne, that is Nelly, Winnie did not know! Too many questions but you know what, am too young to stress about what life got for

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It’s the good life…

I still look forward to that day. That day that I will just lie in my warm bed the whole day. Have breakfast in bed, Lunch in bed and just lie there. No stress. No worry about life. I look forward to that day that all I will be doing is picking business calls from clients and telling them to work as per my schedule. If am not available, no meeting will take place.  I call this the good life. No meeting will take place because I will be the boss lady. I do the clients hold a meeting without the boss-lady been there?

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Ladies Shisha Night Out

I am never smoking shisha again. This is the tenth time am swearing this. My cousin can atest to that. So this is what happened. During the weekend, my cousin, who I call siz (coz she is more than just a cousin to me), told me she would like to smoke shisha. Actually, it's something that she has always wanted but never got a chance to. This weekend I was available and had no 'mpango' so yes, I was going to take her out. "Kithy, si you take me to smoke shisha." "Haha, are you serious?" "Eeh niko serious.Twende Sato" - Yes am

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Yes, It’s my life – Two

Please anyone who sees Jackson Biko, please direct him here!! BikoZulu I love you!! (Am shouting, literally) So here is the thing, I just realized it's been ten days since I posted something on my site. Ten days!! Too long! I was sitting and started asking myself what has made me not write for that long. Here is the thing, I did not know I had a busy life just until now. I've been up and down. Currently out of Nairobi. I also realized am addicted to youtube. I have been sleeping at 2AM. Seriously!! Because of youtube. I

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The Old Me

I flew to Germany for my christmas holiday. Yeah..that is just me in the fantasy world. A world that I see myself in a few years. A dream I know will come to pass. Anyhu............... I just realized how old am getting. 2016 was a year I never thought would come to be. Back in 2010, 2016 seemed so far away. Now 2015 is gone. Gone so fast that I feel I might not have achieved what I intended to achieve in 2015. This year I vowed no resolutions. I will just live life. I will just continue to grow old and wise. I dread the

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My Foreseen Christmas

"Hey Kithy, what's your plan this christmas?" I have woken up to like six whatsapp chats asking me this. That is  when it has truly hit me that the festive season is finally here. The season that one is always looking  forward to. Well, to me everything seemed normal not until after receiving those texts. I am at work, so for now no plans. I will start knowing  what to do next week on Wednesday, that will be on 24th. I am sure I will be heading back to my roots. Kirinyaga, the place I belong. On that 24th, my brothers and

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Yes , It’s my life – One

I do not know what my life entails at the moment. My so called life has been so entangled. I am no introvert but at some point I think I am. That is just how complicated my life has been. Complicated or weirld? I don't know. I do not know myself any more. I have been sleeping for more than 10 hours. Am serious and I think I need to see a doctor. Am the kinda person who sleeps 7 hours but oflate I just don't know what is wrong. I believe that it is very unhealthy sleeping all those hours. Seriously what kinda adult sleeps 10 hours?

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It’s the PHONE

"Hey girl , Did you check out my status on Facebook last week?" "Yes I did and girl , those were a lot of likes! " "Yeah! you can say that again!" These were the divas in her school. she was in her forth form by then. All she could hear were people sharing stories about their holiday. How they had fun. How they kissed a guy for the first time. How they  went for jam session in town , got high and shared pictures on Instagram and Facebook. She just listened. Why? Because she had never experienced any of that. Her name was

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Saturday , 6:00 PM

I can't believe am at work at this time. Yes , its 6:15 PM on a Saturday. Wait , did I say it's Saturday? Working? At this time? Seriously , I also can not believe that. This is not me working at this time. It's my ghost-worker. I need to go out and have some fun! But looks like I have no option , am stuck in the office till God knows when. Anyhu , Wishing y'all a great weekend and thanks to my readers and followers. Mean while , let me figure out how I will continue working on a Saturday evening. Anyone with some tips ,

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