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Taking Stock Three

Hi Pals ,hope you all doing fine! My standpoint three as per this week. Currently : In Westlands , Apollo center. This weeks quote : Never say Never! Thinking : Why time flies so fast! Still got no answer.....anyone please! Drinking :  A lot of Milk lately. Listening : Cool for the summer by Demi Lovato Wondering : Who in the right mind , stays up all night watching series? By all night I mean  eight in the evening to six in the morning! That happened to me yesterday night. Still hasn't got into my mind

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Ten + 1 things you should know if you want to be my best friend!

I really treasure friendship. So , today I wrote down the must haves and must know if you wanna be my best friend! For Females! Males list coming up soon!! Mean while , to the ladies out there! Be ready to be on my side 24/7/365 . Whether am right or wrong - be on my side. It might be hard sometimes but hey , I need your support. Please be fun to hangout with. I don't want a boring company because  boring company = boring times = boring life Be ready to come for sleepovers at my place occasionally and we sleep in the same bed.

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Taking Stock Two

Today am feeling  Inspired , let me share something with you. Sometimes , it's never about you . Sometimes you  have to consider other people. However much you care about yourself , care about others . Listen to others because one day you will need them to listen to you. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. You do not know about tomorrow. Thinking :  Of officially moving to Orange line. Drinking :  Hot Coffee with some lemon in it , loving the taste. You should all try! Listening : Post to be by Omarion ,

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Taking Stock One

Currently  : In Westlands ,Nairobi , Kenya Thinking :  Why am I so lazy to exercise or go the gym? Drinking :  4 glasses of water per day Listening : Ada ada by Flavour Wondering : Why life is too short Watching : Olympus (currently in episode 3) totally loving it! Wearing :  Blue tight jeans , Denim jacket , casual blouse and white sneakers Feeling : Grateful to my followers and thanks for reading my blog How to annoy me :  Wake me up in the middle of the night! No one is allowed to do that coz I love my

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My Childhood Memories…

I remember my childhood was very interesting. I went to a school in my village where we would wake up at five, yeah that was very early considering how young we were. My mum would help us prepare for school and in an hour , we would be out of the house. She would escort us to the gate , tell us to behave and ensure we are home in time - failure to which she would thoroughly beat us asking why we were late to arrive at home after school. My mum was a very strict woman. She always ensured we were on the right track and she would do

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KithyLouise the Writer!

Well, today I had not scheduled to post on my blog and I thought of  sharing why I started my blog and a little bit about myself  because several people have been asking me that... You can call me a writer, author or a blogger. Trust me am fine with any. Am a lady, from a village in Kerugoya , just completed my degree in Information Technology in Jomo Kenyatta University Of Technology - Nairobi Campus, Kenya. My blog is 3 days old as I write this. I remember my first note on Facebook in November 2013  'My very own description

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