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Karaoke Love – Part Four

Did she know that Richard was looking for her? Did she know that her music career was just about to begin? No, she did not. She moved on with her daily life activities but always looking forward to karaoke nights. This was the only way she was going to better her way of singing. As days passed by, all she could do was fantasize about the big day. I call it big because this is what she had always wanted. What she always longed for. The morning of the day came and Stacy woke up earlier than usual. Looking forward to the night of the

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Karaoke Love – Part three

Stacy was speechless and so excited. She went home fantacizing about the party and how it was going to be. Richard was no longer in the picture. All she could dream about what this huge karaoke party that she had been invited to perform…… Click here for part two She could already picture herself standing on the platform, singing her best song and the crowd singing along to her sweet loud voice. Not really acclaiming herself but she knew that she was a good singer. She knew she had a lovely voice. Nevertheless, she had to prepare

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Karaoke Love – part two

Stacy promised herself to be going to Karaoke Saturday nights at the club because this would help her become who she wanted to be. She had a dream and had to work  towards achieving it. It had been a long night so they all fell asleep………. In her mind, all she could recall were the events of the previous night. She had enjoyed every bit. Pretty much different from what she had expected. As she sat on her bed after a long night of rest, she recalled Richard and smiled. She had a lot of questions that she needed answers. Like why was

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Karaoke Love – Part One

She had been indoors all day. No game plan on how she would spend her day. She sat down on her couch staring at the blank wall like she expected it to open up to her and share all the little secrets it had. Her phone did not buzz at any one time.  No text messages. No incoming calls. What a long day! Didn't she have any friends to hang out with?  Of course she had friends, she just did not know what was happening at the moment. Her girlfriends were all having a busy Saturday.  She was all alone in her lonely house. She had been

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The Weekend Party – Part three

To our surprise , two ladies , two hot ladies wearing mini skirts and thigh-high boots walked in each holding a bottle of whisky! Well, looks like the party just started!! …………… We were all so excited. Jovial that the party was just starting. The wine and beer we had been drinking was just 'passing time'. We welcomed in the ladies and  we were now eight in the house. Four guys and four ladies.  This was going to  turn out great!! As long as no lady was going to take Danny away from me , we were cool. Just as we sat down and

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The Weekend Party – Part Two

“Wait, was there going to be  a party that you never told me about?” I asked Abijah. Well, she seemed shocked too. “Not that am aware of.”  Abijah replied.... Baby face who was already conscious of what was happening introduced us to the guys and told us to relax , nothing bad was going to happen. We were just going to have fun. Yeah , just fun!  After all it was a weekend. I was totally cool with that. Abijah on the other hand seemed pissed off by the fact that her friend had not told her about more guys in the house as she came

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The weekend Party – Part one

"Hi Dear, whats your plan this weekend?".  Anyone asked this question and you have no weekend plan automatically knows that a plan just presented itself. This was my best friend asking me this question. Her name is Abijah. "At the moment got no plans" I responded. I knew she had something in mind. Something crazy because she is this kinda person who likes doing crazy things just to enjoy the so called life. She is outgoing and a lot more jovial than I am. Which makes us a perfect match. She told me that she wanted me to

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