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Random Thought #Inner Feeling

Do you ever feel nervous for no reason? I have been feeling  weirld of late. A kinda feeling that  I myself can not describe. Mixed feelings.  I think am nervous. Nervous about something that I don't know. This feeling got me thinking out loud. This feeling got me  wondering whether everything is fine. 855

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Random Thought #DearCookie

Dear cookie, why is it that every time I look at you sitting on the supermarket shelf I crave for you? I have tried to avoid you in a long time but ,you keep wanting me to want you. I just don't know how you do it. I love the crunchy you. The sweet you. How you taste like vanilla! I crave for you every week and every time I see you lying there. I only have one problem with you though. It's that once I eat you , my tooth starts aching. I will not say you are the reason why it does but at some point I really think you are. You

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Random Thought #Thisguy

Am in this ma3 heading to town and this guy sitting right next to me is literally looking at what am typing on my whatsapp chats. Really now? Am thinking of telling him to focus and look in front. He should just stop looking at what am doing.. seriously? Like do people still stare? If they still do , this one is a special case. Dude please get your own phone or help me reply to the message I assume you already know what I wanna text. ...

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KithyLouise the Writer!

Well, today I had not scheduled to post on my blog and I thought of  sharing why I started my blog and a little bit about myself  because several people have been asking me that... You can call me a writer, author or a blogger. Trust me am fine with any. Am a lady, from a village in Kerugoya , just completed my degree in Information Technology in Jomo Kenyatta University Of Technology - Nairobi Campus, Kenya. My blog is 3 days old as I write this. I remember my first note on Facebook in November 2013  'My very own description

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