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Kithy in Mombasa

I love travelling.  So last year I made a promise to myself. A promise that I vowed to keep which is, to make sure I visited Mombasa before end of year. At least I got to implement one 2017 resolution..hehe.  The first time I was there was in my high school days so yeah that does not count because I barely remember anything that happened or the places we visited. My friend Winnie was to host me which made it easier for me. I cannot thank her enough. I traveled by bus then came back by  SGR. So apparently she lives in Likoni,

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Kithy in Zanzibar!

Zanzibar is the best  place I have ever been to. Let me share with you what I got to see and experience during my stay there. I am going to be wrong if I say I did not enjoy every bit there. It was pretty amazing and I am the kind of person who believes that when you get a chance to travel, please do it and don't look back. I was there for two months. I felt right at home because atleast they speak swahili. Trust me you do not want to go to a foreign land where you do not understand each other like when I was in cameroon. If you

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Kithy In Cameroon! Bonjour?

Yes!! Atlast!! Here is my Cameroon adventure. If you read my previous post on 'Yes. its my life - three' you will realize that I had issues with my phone not synching with my laptop, but the thing is there is always a work-around and here we are! Am so happy to share this with you......... Have you ever gone to a different country and felt right at home? The way the citizens welcome you is way beyond your imagination. The truth is when I was sent there I was a bit nervous because I did not know anyone. I did not know what I was

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On Mwingi

I have travelled various parts of our country Kenya but never been to a place as Mwingi. This is in Ukambani. It been in Ukambani and I don't mean Machakos. I mean where you stay three to four hours in a bus. You sleep, wake up, sleep again and still see you ain't arriving to your destination. It's far. You are lucky enough if you have a personal car, you only travel for two hours since there are no stops on every bus stop. By the time you arrive in Mwingi from Nairobi, you are already so tired. So sleepy. But I must say the

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Eldoret Re – Union

But of course , Eldoret!! who hasn't been there? Well , I finally got an opportunity to travel to Eldoret and I totally loved the place. Eldoret is a big town. A bit far from Nairobi.  I remember I took six hours , traveled at night so I did not have the chance to take shots of the beautiful sceneries before reaching there. I arrived in the morning , took a hot shower , got some rest  then woke up ready to explore the town and the outskirts of Eldoret. We all have to have those sweet friends who are fun to hangout with. 

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