Date with the Devils – Part Five

Carol: How are you Dennis? She asked.

Me: Am doing better?

Carol: Am sorry for what happened to you. Nderitu told me everything.

Me: Everything?

Carol: Yeah, am really sorry.

Me: Thanks,

I wouldn’t ask what exactly Nderitu had told her but I was quite sure he either exaggerated or understated in his favour. I wasn’t surprised at all. Immediately he left, Carol pulled a sit and sat just beside me. She offered to take care of me in the meantime. She wasn’t clear what her intention because she even suggested she can come and live with me to make sure that I was taken care of at this trying times.

How could I reject such aa harmless request after all I was the one to benefit from it. She takes care of me for quick recovery and also help me do some duties that were pending in the house for the time being. But the question was how long would this last? Besides, this was my last day in this house. I had not paid the rent and the landlord had requested me to vacate if I didn’t have the money by the end of that day. How could I tell her? I couldn’t. So I told her she came join me anytime. Little did I know I was making the worst mistake of my life. A stranger, in my house, to nurse me. I just got confused as time went by. She then went who knows were and came with bag full of clothes and another one full of shoes and cheap cosmetics. She placed them on a little table at the center of the room and sat down. Took out her shoes and threw them under the bed. My bed. This meant that now she had arrived home. To stay, and not leaving any time soon.

It was about 10:00AM after I consumed my bread and milk while I heard a bang on my door, the way it sounded meant that it was not good news. It was hard, loud noisy knock.

Who the hell wants to break my door where did you take your manners?” Carol shouted.

What had I just heard? She said my door? Now it was hers? Anyway, whoever was knocking deserved it, how could he or she knock my, ooh! “Our door” that way? I told myself.

“Who do you think you are to knock my door that way, were you not taught etiquette by your foolish teacher, you can’t even respect that your big belly for God’s sake. Who are you and what do you want in my house?” she asked.

I didn’t hear any comment from the person who was knocking, what I heard were footstep going down stairs.

“Imagine that confused lost bugger did not say who he was and he is knocking the door as if it’s his. Let him come again and knock that way I’ll show him what am made of.” She said.

Before she could even sit down again I heard another knock. This time it was soft and gentle. And before we could respond the guy was in. It was the landlord.

“Pack your things out. I don’t want to see you here again with this your stupid manner less she devil”. He shouted.

Carol: You are here again? Dennoh, who is this? She yelled.

Me: Landlord.

It’s there that it dawned on me he was the one who had knocked my door few minutes ago. The one who had been cursed and yelled for knocking the door. Now he had come with this big padlock with him. It didn’t require rocket science to discover he wanted to lock us out his house. Every experience was a walk through the valley of the shadow of death. With nothing left to look forward to in life. Nothing improved in my live.

Carol was now speechless. I read fear in her eyes. The guy who she was rebuking and condemning was the landlord. She didn’t know. She felt sorry as she first took her shoes under the bed again to go back to where she had come from. How unfortunate. The landlord had lost his patient. We packed out our things and left. God knows to where. As we were going down stairs she tried to ask me to go and apologize to the landlord at least he would have some shreds of tenderness.  I couldn’t, I knew him well, if he says no it’s a no and never yes. And I had not settled his rent still. He kept his words and besides she had agitated and made things even worse the time she had confronted him the first time. She didn’t predict this.

Immediately the rain started pounding outside. With nowhere to call home. I tried to ask her where we were going and she just told me to follow her. Thinking that we were going in her house. We entered in certain club by the name Westgate club. The walls are made of mud and the roof was made of rusty iron sheet that was leaking due to the heavy rains. All wet and shaking. Just with my vest on. I was one ghastly sight of hopelessness. This was my new phase of life, who could I blame? It was not like I had a whole spectrum of choices to pick from.

It was still morning and the room was full of glue sniffing retards or bhang smokers. Seemed this was their main job. Men, women and young girls. She took me to another room with five guys. She introduced me to them. I was now to start living with them. They were all chewing some leaves and others smoking who knows what, but the smell of weed dominated the room. Which was still leaking inside. The guys were not happy to accommodate me. She suggested I talk to them and buy them one mug of changaa each and they would give in into my request. I did that. I then left my green paper bag with some few clothes there and went and ordered several mugs of changaa for them. That’s how I earned myself the favour among the guys.

It wasn’t long before I discovered that carol was a bar attendant in the club. Her main work was to entertain men so that they can continue promoting the den by buying more and more illicit liquor. That was not all. She used to spent more time with the men and identify the one who had much money. She could ensure they spent almost every cent before they leave the place, if not the other guys in the room would take up the rest. The guys ensured no one left the club with any amount, or no one in the nearby hood should show any sign of getting rich. Even if it’s buying half kilogram of meat. In fact cooking meat around the area was an abomination to them. It was not in good terms. So it was either you have to give out everything in peace or you are left in pieces. The guys had no element of humor left in their hearts. That’s was the team I was introduced to and I was supposed to work with them in the job. To earn at least something small that I could put on my mouth. The guys could disappear for some minutes and after two to three hours come back and start discussing how things went well. Though with a lot of tension and sweat trickling down their faces. They never tell me where they had been to, but I see bloody hands and instinctively, I know it isn’t good.

Few minutes later, Carol called me and we went back to the room again. She gives me a roll of weed and lights it for me. “That one is yours, you are about to graduate” she says. I am tensed. I hold it in my hand, then, knowing that I can’t disobey, I sniff it in. My head spins a little. My first puff. They all cheer up. I take another puff of weed to show her that I am not so naive, but deep down, am burning with guilt. One of the guy gives carol some amount which he says was the collection of the previous deal.

She congratulates them and starts planning for another deal. It came to my knowledge the deals were of commit robbery. She slips a rusty knife into my hands and calls us out to show us the guy on target. I take my last puff. It feels good. There is something raw about that weed; something that makes you feel invincible. Something that gives you courage over everything. Anyway let me do this once, only once and settle my debts perhaps with the landlord then I can go back to my house.

It was about 9:00PM at night when Carol called me and showed me the guy.

He is coming out of the club, follow the guy and communicate with the other guys for perfect work. The guy has got more than 50 thousand in his bag. I saw them. Show that drunkard the knife and take his bag. He has a lot of money. If he screams, stab him so that next time he does as he is told. Then run away because if you are caught, you will be killed, and it will be just sad to die without injuring anyone.” I shake my head no. she yells. “Go!” as she followed me from behind.

I try to follow the guy, he had crossed the road to the other side to catch a matatu. As I tried to cross the road and catch up with him before he disappeared, I saw some flashlight on my right side with a lot of hooting. My legs got weak. I got paralyzed. I couldn’t run. So unfortunate. I didn’t expect this…..

Final season coming soon…


KithyLouise is a Nairobi Based Writer. IT software engineer by profession and Creative Writer by passion. She loves writing about her personal experiences, travel and telling short stories. She is a young talent promoter and a Youtuber. She has also written an online book series that she wishes to publish one day.

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