Date with the devils – Part Four

I would better run home and see what Nderitu had in store for me in my room…

All I wanted right now was to get in my room and relax. Thoughts and more stress camped in my head. I came to note that I had no money left with me when we were almost in town and the tout was demanding for it. Not that it was much, the fare was only ten bob at that time, from Githurai to town. I tried to pretend that I was searching for the money in my pocket of which I knew well enough that I had left all the money I had in Pastor Kurian temple. The tout was becoming impatient with me and shouted. “Wee mwanaume mzima umevalia nguo nyeupe unamaanisha huna kumi” (You big man with white cloth you mean you don’t have ten shillings with you?) The lady who was besides me looked at me and said. “Wacha nitamlipia” (I will pay for him) She gave out the ten shillings she had been given as change to him. The guy clicked and went ahead still murmuring and cursing. I couldn’t say anything.

The lady then looked at me and asked:

Is there something wrong with you? You look troubled.

“Actually everything is wrong but thanks for the help” I said.

Can I help you?” She went ahead.

“You have already done it, that’s enough for today”. I told her. She reached in her handbag and gave me two hundred shillings and a card and said. “If you feel like talking to someone please feel free to call me.” Am Redempter.” I just looked at the money and the card and knew that I needed the money more than the card. But I took both of them. “Am Dennis, thanks a lot” I told her. I began thinking, so you mean that there are angels in the midst of devils? So there are still souls with humor or she was just playing nice to me? A dog in sheep’s costumes? Could she be? Anyway, I cared less, the things that I had seen since the beginning of the weekend had hardened my heart such that I had made everything even that is alive and still breaths.

The only person I could now trust was in the grave. So we continued with our journey to our various destinations. Little did I know that Nderitu was to host a party that day in my room that very evening! When I got near to our apartment, I could hear screams, shouts and loud playing music from far. Besides It being on Sunday and you expect all kind of noises from the many churches around, those noises were quite different for they did not signify the presence of Holy spirit or Angels near , live alone God.

When I got into the gate, I was welcomed by abuses and curses of the angry neighbors demanding to know whether I had opened my church or a club in that apartment, the name and the person who had granted me the permit. I also noticed that they had tried to reach the landlord to no avail. When I went higher and higher to each floor the abuse and yelling intensified while others giving me an evil eye amazed by my dressing code while holding their crying babies. Some even started following me upstairs to confirm what was going on in my room while others even demanded that I vacate the room immediately. On reaching in my room, I found everyone drunk lying everywhere. It was hard to find some space in the room. Almost all of them naked exposing their private assets that didn’t seem private to them. I struggled my way through to go and switch off the loud music that was threatening to destroy our ears.

On switching off the music that seemed to be holding their sleep they all started to wake up one by one complaining of cutting short their pleasure. Some running out while naked to the loo to help themselves which made the annoyed and irritated men, women and children outside my door run to their houses to avoid seeing the unseen like Ham the father of Canaan in the Bible. “Gai!! nimarutite nguo” (God!! they have removed clothes) I could hear some say as they went down stairs. This served them better as there was no other better way of chasing them from my door. The other guys in my room could hardly stand by themselves neither discover where they were. I tried to wake Nderitu to explain what he had turned my room to but all was in futile. The then sober lady who had gone to the loo by the name Dee came and started asking me who I was. After almost 30 minutes of explaining to her that that was my room of which she didn’t believe she started caressing me and telling me how her boyfriend had disappointed her. She had told him to accompany her to the party and he had not turn up yet. She also told me how her boyfriend is a liar and she was almost giving up on him. She was not giving her attention and always evading her. We sat at the edge of my bed.

At this time she had already grabbed my attention. She untied the garment I had worn. Apparently I had nothing inside apart from a small boxer short with me. When I looked at her beautiful dark body, this thought really made me desire her more but I had to control myself and enjoy the moment before the others could wake up. She came close and kissed me. She demanded we make love. I was on top of the moon. Her soft lips and tongue really gave me an awesome sensation. Though I was weak and exhausted, I felt great but with guilt doing this. My moods went on increasing as we caressed, she insisted we continue this and when I was about to drop my pants down the door flagged open. It was her boyfriend Eric. “What are you doing Dee? And who is this?” She jumped down stepping on the others which caused a serious commotion that woke the rest. Eric continued to yell demanding for an explanation. Dee was now shivering on the ground not knowing what to say. As I tried to cover myself up, the others started to question each other what was going on. They were now all awake and keenly ready to take the Breaking News of the day. Dee became confused such that she could not even explain what was happening and whom I was. The guy now became more furious and grabbed a knife which was just beside him in a basin threatening to kill someone if he was not convinced that what he saw was not what was happening. I even provoked him further when I tried to convince him that nothing happen and the guy came close to almost stamp me. Who could have thought that the knife that I bought by myself was the one to kill me. It had fed me several days and now it was up to feed on me.

When the other guys saw that it had gotten that serious they all fled away screaming and shouting at the top of their voices others still naked. If the issue concerns death, they could now see and run clearly downstairs without staggering. That’s the power of death. Everyone do respect it. Even alcohol.

So we were left in the room only four people: Dee, Eric, Nderitu and I. And since me and Dee could not be listened to, now was the time the “now rightful owner” of the room Nderitu to explain. To my surprise he even denied that he knew me. Not once, not twice but thrice. Nderitu denied if he has even ever seen me. He even went ahead and made it clear that I was a stranger who was even not invited in the party and I was taking advantage of the hallucinating drunkard ladies. So I was not different with Jesus. I had been denied and betrayed by “Peter”. I tried to defend myself in the eyes of human being but it seemed that the time was now to go and meet my ancestors. My mouth went dry. My heart beat increased, the blood surged in my veins with higher pressure.

Dee you mean you can do this to me?” He yelled.

We didn’t do it.” She replied with a shaky voice, panting.

“Yeah, we.. we.. we didn’t do”. I stammered.

You fool who asked you? I swear I will get my knife between your heart if you utter another word,”. He yelled again. Things were really getting out of hand and my life was at the extreme edge of the bridge.

Okay, am really sorry it was my fault. Am the one who seduced him and demanded he make love to me, but we didn’t do it, please Eric forgive me.” She replied amid sobs.

He shouted and threw a sufuria at her right to her naked tammy. He doesn’t miss. She wailed. The physical confrontation had begun. The sufuria had done its duty now only the knife was left to penetrate to me. The only place I could call home was in the grave or if lucky in the jail. The date was now taking another flow, not with the devils but with the dead. There was neither dignity nor honour in death. It was now time to repent and say my last words to my Creator. I could see Nderitu trying his best to control his tears. Though it was difficult to understand the meaning of that golden drop in his eyes. It became difficult for him to control it. Feelings can be controlled, but tears never lie. He was burning with guilt.

Eric lost control and patience when he heard some footstep coming forth behind and threw his knife to me which accidentally pushed through my thigh and left a severe cut. I crawled and groaned in pain bleeding to the bed. Immediately the landlord and the security officer came in and took all of them away. I was left there alone having escaped death and jail by a wink. Now it became my room. Mine alone. I had no one to nurse my injuries. Someone said, every man for himself and God for us all.

Tired, hungry, pain and depression found accommodation in my body. I took my Bible to at least find a verse that would give me hope to life but it seemed too heavy for me to lift from where it was and then it fell down near one of the Hennessy bottle which was left there. It seemed lighter than the Bible to lift but it was almost full, I drew it near. I drowning a considerable amount. The bed was now fully covered with blood from my wound but I got a nice sleep till the next morning. Hadn’t I seen the perfect definition of hell that weekend? For the devil NO!! I was yet to see fire. Nderitu came by that very morning wailing his lungs out to confirm my corps. Death was yet to claim me. He was surprised to find me alive and still kicking. He dried his tears immediately. I had eaten nothing for my stomach since the previous day. When I asked him to get something for me to eat he still demanded money from me. Nderitus’s affinity for money could not allow him any decency in life. He told me that he was going to get me a bread and a packet of milk from the shop down the gate but the bill would still be mine.

As soon as he got out of the room the landlord got in, thinking that he had brought his sincere sympathy and sorry to what had happened to me last night. He started by asking how the party was yesterday and how it is good when one has money to enjoy himself but not forget to settle his or her debts. The moral of the story was that he needed his rent.

The devil knew very well how to press the right button. He kept on increasing the volume every hour and every minute. He even knew that I had left all the money in his alter the previous day and now he had brought the landlord to collect what he had taken. That’s why I actually refer him as a renowned gambler who can play cards with himself and still win. I was like please Satan not now. I tried to plead and explain what had happened with the money I had budgeted for his rent but he could not give any damn excuse. So he just demanded that I pay the rent before the next day or I just vacate the room. Not even the sick were exempted, there were no more words and his decision was final. He left. I just bowed down and told myself. Don’t give up Dennis. Sometimes you may have to fight a battle more than once to win it. After few minutes, Nderitu came by not only with bread and a packet of milk in his hands but also accompanied by Carol.

Carol was one of my advisor and also a new comer in our hood. We had met the first day when she came to our neighborhood. Don’t ask how I get to know all the new comers ladies in the area. That’s an ability I possess since birth. We had met in a certain M-pesa shop near our area and she told me that she had landed in Kenya that morning. So she was getting a new line for effective communication with her friends and relatives in Amsterdam. Though she tried her best to tweng her accent was exactly from Kinoo. She pleaded with me to help her download some stuffs like WhatsApp, Facebook, true caller, Saida and Tala App for loans etc. on her phone and due to my generosity I kindly helped her. It is then that she told me that she was a model who had come to compete in Kenya. That’s how I came to know carol, and here she came in with Nderitu. Life kept on surprising me again and again.

Part 5 coming soon.


KithyLouise is a Nairobi Based Writer. IT software engineer by profession and Creative Writer by passion. She loves writing about her personal experiences, travel and telling short stories. She is a young talent promoter and a Youtuber. She has also written an online book series that she wishes to publish one day.

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