Is this Love?

She will never understand that kind of feeling.  A feeling that made her heart throb fast at the thought of him.

A feeling  that made her nervous.  This feeling was so intense. A kind of  feeling that made her get lost in deep thought.


Her imagination would run wild at the thought of him.

Was it love? Was it lust? Was it infactutation? If only she could get someone to answer that question on her behalf.

 It was evident she was in love with him but was he in love with her? Had she thought they were going to be together? Maybe she was wrong all along. Do I ask him? No. She thought.

He had other plans. He did not love her but wanted to be with her. How complicated was that! He had another love. Probably the love of his life.

His heart did not belong to her but to someone else. Why did she even like him in the first place?  She could not answer that question.

She wanted to let go. Let go the thought of him. The thought that drove her mind crazy.

But it was not going to be easy. She would try ignore him everytime he sent her a text message.

Him saying he missed her did not make any sense. Why was he even bothering her?

Back in her mind she knew what she wanted. She needed a person who will be there for her.

Someone who will show her love and not share it with someone else.

Someone who will love her for her. Wanted to be a queen to a king.  She wanted to experience real love.

She let out the negative energy in her. Did not ever think of getting hurt. She did not ever think of a heartbreak. She knew what she had to do.

She had to let go off the thought of him that did not love her back.

Afterall, love is mutual. Not afraid to love, she knew she would find the love of her life one day.

Who knows it could be on the streets!

Relieved after letting off the negative energy, she sat on her couch, smiling and hoping to find love.

True love that she believes still exists.


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KithyLouise is a Nairobi Based Writer. IT software engineer by profession and Creative Writer by passion. She loves writing about her personal experiences, travel and telling short stories. She is a young talent promoter and a Youtuber. She has also written an online book series that she wishes to publish one day.

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