It’s the PHONE

“Hey girl , Did you check out my status on Facebook last week?”

“Yes I did and girl , those were a lot of likes! ”

“Yeah! you can say that again!”

These were the divas in her school. she was in her forth form by then. All she could hear were people sharing stories about their holiday. How they had fun. How they kissed a guy for the first time. How they  went for jam session in town , got high and shared pictures on Instagram and Facebook. She just listened. Why? Because she had never experienced any of that.

Her name was Alisha. She was from a middle class type of family. Her parents were so strict that she could never go outside the gate without their permission. She had no phone to get snapshots and share on Facebook like her friends. I would love to say that she was not into social media only that I know the cause of that was not having a phone. If she had a phone she would be all bossy just like the other ladies in her class. Alisha always depended on her mums’ phone to communicate to her friends. Her mothers phone had no Facebook or Instagram to use. If her mum found out about this , she would get so mad.

She had been promised a phone by her mum after high school only if she passed the exam and got the grades she promised. To her that seemed like forever and after all it was not guaranteed that she would get a phone. She needed a phone real bad. She needed to fit in her peer group in school. She hoped that one day her mum would just wake up and bring her a phone. “Why is mama so tough on me? I mean , all I need is a phone!” She told her dad.

The dad was understanding but would never do anything without the mums’ knowledge. Alisha knew that she was old enough to have a phone. She was tired of borrowing from her friends who sometimes would tease her and ask her how comes she never had a phone in this century. She needed to fit in real bad! Peer pressure was too much. She felt the need to conform to her group of friends. Did she have an option other than wait? No she didn’t.

In no time , she had finished her secondary education and to her surprise after the results were out she had passed with flying colors. Alisha was the happiest lady at that point. She had never been that jovial because she knew that she was going to receive a present from her mama. ooh yes!! It’s all she had always anticipated for. She looked forward to signing up for Facebook and other social media platforms. Her mother came back from work and gave her the surprise she had long awaited for. Hmm..this was just the beginning. Her life had just got better!

She had a phone and its all that she has ever wanted. Alisha felt on top of the world. Her mum had bought her a techno p5 (Too much for a girl who just finished high school) , how lucky was she? I remember the first phone my mama got me after high school was a Nokia 8210, the one with a monochrome screen and the plastic buttons. I had to hustle hard to get a phone that could at least log into Facebook. Yeah , those were the days!

With the phone she felt like she had the world right in front of her. I mean , her phone had Facebook , Watsapp, Instagram , twitter and all other social media platforms. She could now do whatever she wanted. The next morning , she visited her friend known as Jenny to help her sign up for Facebook.

Days passed and she had already made a lot of  ‘friends’ on FB. Many of which sent inboxes to her each day asking for her number. Yeah , she was a beautiful lady. Her updates were always on selfies and hot pics of her.  In a month she had hit 1000 friends. She now felt she was where she wanted to be. Always fixed on her phone either chatting and sending half nudes to her friends. She had become a social media princess. Her mother had noticed how she had changed. Chores in the house were rarely done, she rarely interacted with her friends  and didn’t make friends as before. She did not help her parents in the farm anymore. These were the effects of social media. Her mother had hoped that she was no going to change after buying her a phone. To her surprise , her girl really changed.

What had got into her that she changed this much? Did the parents deserve this? They had done their best to buy her a phone. In my opinion ,  I would love to say that Social media should not affect our relationship with our parents , our friends or career. We should not let the influence  come between friendship because friends are very important in this life. Family is way important and its always a blessing to help your parents. Negative peer pressure is very bad. One should not give in easily. #Thoughttoftheday.

Social media should not change who you are. Be You..


KithyLouise is a Nairobi Based Writer. IT software engineer by profession and Creative Writer by passion. She loves writing about her personal experiences, travel and telling short stories. She is a young talent promoter and a Youtuber. She has also written an online book series that she wishes to publish one day.

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