Karaoke Love – Part Five


As she was just about to start singing, she looked at the crowd and what she saw made her lighten up. At the far end entrance, she saw someone come in. The face looked familiar. This was the guy who had introduced himself to her the first night she had performed in the same club. Yes, it was Richard…….

She could not contain her happiness. Richard was the guy she had been thinking about for a very long time. Richard on the other side had gone through hell looking for Stacy. And here they were. Avoiding any more distraction, she started singing. The crowd sang along to her sweet voice. She tried her best not to mess anything up and hoped that she could not trip over and fall. What would Richard think of her if that happened?

Right there, she knew she had to be perfect.

“Loving him” was one of her favourite songs that she loved listening  and presenting it to such a large crowd was such an honour. Her voice, one could listen to it all day all night and not get enough. She finished singing and handed over the microphone to Jay.  A loud applause was heard from all corners of the room. She knew she had given her best at the stage. Looking at the crowd, she smiled and walked down the stage to where her friend Julie was.

“Girl, that was fantastic! Your performance was on point. I loved it.”  Julie complimented Stacy.

“Aww! Thank you very much and thanks for your support.”

“You are welcome.” 

Stacy was restless. She kept checking out to see where Richard was. Was he still around? She wondered. Julie noticed and asked her what was wrong and what it is she kept looking at. She told Julie that she had seen someone like Richard around while she was at the stage. Julie smiled.

“Hmm..He could still be around.” Julie said.

As the two were about to leave to the backstage, Richard came infront of Stacy and blocked her way. At first, Stacy was surprised and had to confirm who is this guy blocking her way.

“Hi , am Richard, I don’t know if you can remember me..We met in this club some few months a………..…”

Before he could finish his statement, Stacy said that she remembers him.

Had she made a big mistake by cutting him off before he finished his statement? Was she supposed to pretend that she does not remember him? Is this where I get to play hard to get? She wondered.

“Ok, Great. I have been looking for you and so glad that I finally found you here today.”

Stacy didn’t say a thing.

“I would like us to talk at a more private place. Please follow me.” He continued…

“Sure, why not?”

They headed to a less crowded place. A place where they could talk and understand each other. Julie followed right behind. Richard looked around the room and saw an empty seat. He went for it and brought Stacy to sit on. “Hmm,,he is such a gentleman.” Stacy thought.  Who doesn’t love a gentleman?

She asked Richard why he had wanted to talk to her.

“By the way, before I forget, you sang really well today.” Richard told Stacy.

“Thank you  Richard.” Stacy replied.

At this point, Julie pretended not to be listening by looking far away. Richard continued by saying that he was there for one reason. He was looking for a lady to represent the media house he worked for in South Africa for an annual music festival event. That was actually what had brought him to the club the very first time but he did not get a chance to tell her.

He continued explaining it to her and when it shall be held. What was required and that she is the one who had been chosen to perform in SouthAfrica. Was she hearing this right? Had she just been invited to a media house music annual event in South Africa?

She remained composed. You could tell how happy Stacy was by looking at her beautiful face and smile. This was a dream come true. No, actually she had never dreamt or thought that she could ever perform outside her country. This was happening right infront of her eyes. They exchanged phone numbers and Richard told Stacy that he will be in the country for one more month before he left for SouthAfrica to prepare for the annual event that was going to host all the South Africas’ media personalities.

Stacy was not hesitant to give him the number. They exchanged and bid each other bye promising to keep in touch. Richard held Stacys’ hand and kissed it.  At that point, Stacy melted away. Had he just done that? What was his intention? The man she had been thinking about for the past few months had just kissed her hand. She smiled and waved him goodbye.

She turned to Julie to tell her the good news. The news that she could hardly believe. Still seemed pretty much like a dream. Julie was happy for her. This time Julie was not sure whether she could accompany her best friend. They went out of the room and joined the other crowd to watch the rest of the guys sing.

Stacy was all smiles. They had exchanged contacts with Richard which meant that it was now easier to keep in touch and communicate. Richard was all proffesional but she could not understand why he had kissed her hand. He liked her. Only Richard knew and kept that to himself.

After the event was over, they boarded a cab and went to Stacys’ house. The two best friends went talking about how the event was a success and how cute Richard was. They arrived and since they were all tired, they all went to bed. Stacy still smiling at the events of the night.

As she unlocked her phone to set the next days’ alarm, she saw a text from Richard, it read: ‘Hi beautiful, hope you are home safe. Have a lovely night…’

Part Six Coming Soon…



KithyLouise is a Nairobi Based Writer. IT software engineer by profession and Creative Writer by passion. She loves writing about her personal experiences, travel and telling short stories. She is a young talent promoter and a Youtuber. She has also written an online book series that she wishes to publish one day.

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