Karaoke Love – Part six


As she unlocked her phone to set the next days’ alarm, she saw a text from Richard, it read: ‘Hi beautiful, hope you are home safe. Have a lovely night…’

She blushed away and shown Julie the text. Julie smiled. Well, it was clear that Richard had liked Stacy from the first time he had seen her perform on stage. In no time, they drowned to sleep. The two ladies had been tired after a long night and it was already midnight.

Richard had told Stacy that night that he shall be around for the next one month before he went back to South Africa. He had to go back early in advance to prepare for the event. He had wanted to know Stacy more than just knowing that she had a great voice. He wanted to know Stacy in and out but he was not sure whether Stacy was up to know him. He knew that he had to put in much more effort to get the lady he wanted.

Richard felt the need to be professional because that is actually what had brought him to the country. Having kissed her on the hand did not necessarily mean that she had known his intentions.

“After the event, I will talk to Stacy and let her know that I like her. ” A voice inside Richard said.

No, No, that will be too soon!” Another voice said.

It was like he was debating on what to do. Either way he had to gather courage and talk to Stacy about his feelings for her.

As days passed, he invited her for a cup of coffee in one of the coffee houses in the city.  He had jilted  his previous girlfriend a few months before and felt the urge to move on with his life. Stacy had been one of those ladies who had caught his eye at first sight and this had never happened to him in his life time.

The coffee date was to explain to Stacy about the trip to South Africa and what was required of her once she arrived there. He also had to ensure that Stacy had all the required documents to travel.

Richard arrived at the coffee-house and just as he looked outside the window, he saw Stacy dressed in a skater dress and heels as she came in. He could not help but stare at how pretty she was. Right then, a thought struck his mind. Yes, He was going to ask Stacy to accompany him to South Africa the same time he was going.

He rose from his seat and as a gentleman, excused himself, went ahead and pulled out a seat for Stacy.

Thank you.” Stacy said. “I am sorry am a bit late” She apologized.

No, It’s ok. Don’t be sorry. I understand“.

A waitress walked to their table and asked them to order what they wanted to have. After ordering, waitress left the table and promised to be back in a few minutes with the drinks. All this time, Richard had been stealing quick glances at Stacy.

So, tell me, How have you been?

I have been doing good.” Stacy replied.

Ok, so I called you here to tell you that I will be going back to South Africa next weekend and I would like you to tag along the same day.

Why? I am not yet prepared.

Richard was quick to answer the question. He did not want Stacy to realize that he wanted her company. After all travelling together would really be a great chance for them to socialize and know each other better.

“Because you are supposed to come early and prepare for the event. Everything is well catered for.” Richard answered.

Wait! Had she heard that right? Everything was catered for! This right here was the life. The life that she had always wanted to live. She smiled and told Richard that she was going to let him know before the date arrived.

Stacy was going to South Africa. Her friend Julie had been sad after hearing that. She thought she was going to lose her or their friendship will not be the same but Stacy had assured her that nothing was going to change.

Richard and Stacy went on catching up on what they had been doing since they last saw each other at the Karaoke party. All that Richard wanted was for Stacy to say that she was going to go with him the same day he was to leave for South Africa.

What Stacy needed was time to decide on her decision. Whatever was happening to her at that moment was a dream come true. She had never seen that coming. It was great she had decided to move on with her life and sing. That singing is what had brought her to where she was.

As they hugged each other goodbye after having coffee, Stacy started thinking about the answer she was to give on whether to go to South Africa the same time with Richard and prepare for the event that was forthcoming. Yes, It would have been great leaving the country, but that was too soon for her. Bearing in mind that she had to go talk to her parents who lived far away from  her before she left.

Either way, she had to make up her mind as soon as possible. The moment she arrived at her house, she went and sat at her couch and started thinking what answer to give. Stretched to get her phone from her handbag and decided to text Richard that she will be going.

Richard received her text and had never been that happy. He knew that once they arrived in South Africa, he would open up and tell Stacy what he felt. He let out a deep sigh and looked up smiling. Yes, he was going to get Stacy to be with him for the rest of his life.

Stacy had nothing to lose. This was a great chance to visit another country to showcase her talent. She had always heard of South Africa but had never thought that she will one day go there. Even as she sat there, she could not believe what was happening. Her life had drastically changed. She even thought of going to South Africa and start her life there.

All she fantasized about was her performing in front of a large crowd of South African media personalities. She smiled and murmured to herself “Yes, Dreams do come true!”…



I want to take this chance to thank all of my readers who have been with me as I wrote this Online short story. I am very grateful to each one of you. You motivated me to keep writing. It was not easy but I know I had to keep up with my readers. And having writen this book, is such a success to me. I feel accomplished. I still feel this was not supposed to be the end of this story. I will write more about the story but not on the website.

Keep checking out my website for more stories…This is not the end.

Thank you All.





KithyLouise is a Nairobi Based Writer. IT software engineer by profession and Creative Writer by passion. She loves writing about her personal experiences, travel and telling short stories. She is a young talent promoter and a Youtuber. She has also written an online book series that she wishes to publish one day.

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