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Nothing is going through my mind right now. Am thinking of listening to some music but that will not resolve my mystery in this Life. I have for the longest time lived this life without focus. I have just been living. Just Living.

But I am loving the new me, I am loving how focused I have been of late and how ‘busy’ I have been. Yeah, the busy is in quotes because I can not tell what I have been doing however busy I have been. I seriously need some help.

In my yes, It’s my life – two Here ,  I said I was thinking of  starting a Youtube channel. OK, here is the truth, I was not even sure whether that is what I wanted. At the time I had just been watching a lot of Youtube vlogs and it hit me how interesting it would be to start my own channel. Then in my yes, It’s my life – three Here , I said I had started one but yet to post some videos. That’s like three months ago.

Still no video yet…Let me tell you a story…….

We met back in high school ten years ago. Yes, let me help you count one … two…three….four….five….up to ten years. That time when we wore long skirts and our blouses marked in large blue permanent markers shouting out your admission number for everyone to see. I still don’t understand how that resolved the issue of no clothes getting stolen because as far as I can remember, when I finished my form four, I only had three blouses and none of them was mine. Those long skirts, just a glance and one could tell you are a ‘mono’.

Her name is Jacky Mimmy. Today morning I told her to allow me to write about her and she was like ‘Am all yours.’ I guess that meant  she gave me permission to write anything I know about her but since she is going to read this..I am trying to be cautious on what I share.

We were deskmates for as long as I can remember and it’s really funny how you expect not to meet up after high school then all over sudden you find that you meeting up almost all the time. The kind of friendship to treasure for the rest of  your life. By the way she still owes me for always waking her up when she slept during prep time in the evening before the teacher on duty came in.

Am still trying to recall what made us close but I can’t. It might have been our love for music. She loved singing and  writing her own songs. She still does by the way. Let’s not even talk about dancing because she was the ‘mama yao’ those days. I hear they are called ‘dem dayz’. I loved listening to music and actually had this song book that I updated almost all weekends with my favorite songs that I could sing. Tell me in this day and age to sing for you just one song A – Z and I will not even finish the chorus…Enyewe getting old is real!!

Apparently, Jacky is not getting old, pretty different from me. She still sings, dances and writes her own songs up to date. There is this one song she had composed while in school and so when we met some few weeks back, she told me she had lost the book….am just hoping she will compose more songs, record and share with the rest of the world to hear. Great talent and passion right there.

OK, let me get back to the reason I wrote this.

At last, we have a YouTube channel. It will be a collaboration between Kithy and Jacky. Quick peek through, Jacky is this jovial, talkative and hype person while am this composed, not-so-talkative and cool lady. I swear that is the real us even in our day to day lives (This is not important). It will be an entertainment channel. We have been trying to come up with a username to our channel and we settled with ‘KithyLouise‘.  Yes, My name. Now that am saying it loud, I just hope it does not sound so lame. We tried more names but then most of them already had users.

Once we settle down, we will post our first video and share with you guys..So for now, help us get a cool username! We had tried recording one sometime back but every time we did, we realized a mistake in each one of them. Does Vlogging require training or something? I don’t know..We are just getting started and hoping for the best and we cannot wait to see what this YouTube journey has for us.

One step at a time.

Suggestions are open to anyone, you can let us know the name to use for our channel. Comment down below and share with us.

By the way, Jacky has sang and danced in different occasions and will be auditioning for the ‘Next rated superstar’ competition to be held on 17th September at Sarakasi Dome. To vote for her, please send ‘Star Jacky Mimmy’ to 22384. Only Safaricom Lines allowed.

Thank you.

Let me now get back to solving my mysteries (hopefully) in this life with some soft soothing music…..

Subsucribe to my youtube channel, KithyLouise.


KithyLouise is a Nairobi Based Writer. IT software engineer by profession and Creative Writer by passion. She loves writing about her personal experiences, travel and telling short stories. She is a young talent promoter and a Youtuber. She has also written an online book series that she wishes to publish one day.

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