Meet Mercy, The Curvy Model

Meet Mercy Ndiang’ui. A lady passionate about modelling and showing out her curves to the world.
I had a chance to interview her to get to know more of who she is.

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  1. What are your full names.
    My full Name is Mercy Wanjiku Ndiang’ui.
  2. So, I saw you are among the plus size models in KPSFW here in  Kenya. How did it all start?
    Where it all started….
    Well, as a plus size model, I consider myself a curvy model. I usually feel using plus size is like putting one on a scale, but curvy to my opinion is usually relative. It all started when I was growing up watching Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell. Watching them was captivating and amazing. I would imitate them with my friends heels when she would go to work. Even though the heels were four times my size (Ha!). It got to a point where it was always in me even when I went to campus. I got to compete for Mr & Mrs. B.I.F.A (BuruBuru Institute of Fine Art) of course with a lot of convincing, I got to win Miss BIFA that year.
    After school I decided to do modelling as a career but didn’t know it would come with it’s challenges. I practiced a lot, went to a lot of auditions, then decided to join an Agency. Then I fell in love with Plus Fabulousity Agency and I joined. It has been an amazing journey, I have grown, and made not only modeling as a like but to also a business. And I love it everyday and anywhere.
  3. Why modelling?
    Modelling for me is fun but the real reason I did it was because as a model I make people fall in love with clothes been worn by a physical person, besides being on a mannequin. When you see a model, modelling a couture garment on a runway, your mind starts to go wild, creating pictures of how good you would look in that garment and places you would wear it. Besides that I love the energy that comes with modeling either on Runway or photography.
  4. How is the experience as a plus size model?
    My experience have been challenging and exciting at the same time. Exciting for the fact that I work with amazing people in the industry like different photographers, choreographers, models, makeup artists and different environments. It’s been challenging because of having a society putting notions that the ideal modelling body is for the 5’7″ tall, dark and size 6 to 10 beautiful woman. The plus size woman is considered “too bootylicious for modelling”.But for me I disagree. Modelling should have all sizes, heights, skin color etc, because the society itself it’s made of all of this. For me this is where self love comes in, where I “Always Love Me for Me”  because that’s where my happiness is and where I pursue it. So I gain my happiness and confidence and take it to the industry an beat all odds, that come with it.
  5. What would you advice any young lady out here trying to get into modelling?
    Modelling is an Amazing career, but just like any other career it has it’s challenges. Having a passion for it and knowing where your headed, conquers it all. If you wake up and feel like giving up on something you really want, it’s difficult to wait but more difficult  to regret. So wear those heels, show up and smile
  6. Challenges you have faced in the industry.
    Biggest challenge I have faced is that, as a curvy model I have to work twice as much to prove that I am capable of achieving and performing like the tall and slender beautiful woman on the runway. If auditions are called for, out of 15 girls, 14 are tall and slender and only 1 is a curvy model. It’s really tough to beat that.
  7. What do you do when you are not modelling?
    Apart from modeling am an Interior Designer by profession. I basically identify and create, creative designs that solve problems pertaining different functions, quality and aesthetics of an Interior Environment.
  8. Was modelling your dream career since when you were little?
    When I was a little chubby cheek girl (still Is), I didn’t see it as a career. For me it was  like a Fun thing (Ha!). I loved watching  models on runway and later imitate them in the house corridor with my friend’s heels. Then remove them and tip toe across the room with my arms akimbo. And then I grew up and realized I can actually make this a career.
  9. What is the best memory you have had while modelling?
    Best Memory was when I attended the Kenya Fashion Awards 2017. I ended up being one of the models. I had no clue of the choreography but all I did was I showed up there, learnt choreography in minutes, and next thing I know, I had my heels on, my makeup on point and hitting the runway like a pro. Biggest lesson I learnt was, get your heels and show up you never know.
  10. Parting shot!
    Sometimes it feels too challenging that I want to give up, but looking back I see how far I have come, I tell myself I am learning to trust the process and experiences even if I do not understand why. So I pick up my Toys (heels) and hit the runway and choose to chase me everyday with lots of  love.That is all for today. Thanks for stopping by.WhatsApp Image 2017-11-30 at 17.47.25                          WhatsApp Image 2017-11-30 at 17.47.27WhatsApp Image 2017-11-30 at 17.47.26

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