My Foreseen Christmas

“Hey Kithy, what’s your plan this christmas?” I have woken up to like six whatsapp chats asking me this. That is  when it has truly hit me that the festive season is finally here. The season that one is always looking  forward to.


Well, to me everything seemed normal not until after receiving those texts. I am at work, so for now no plans. I will start knowing  what to do next week on Wednesday, that will be on 24th. I am sure I will be heading back to my roots. Kirinyaga, the place I belong.

On that 24th, my brothers and cousins will meet up in our local town to shop for christmas, go to the supermarket, do some shopping. Buy  vegetables and some wine. At night, I will go attend mass at my local church. Watch the father preach and wish us a Merry Christmas.That is  when it will hit me that christmas is here. As I see our church members light up a bonfire at midnight just outside the house Of God to say thanks to him for the good year, it will hit me again that it is christmas.

After church, past midnight, I will sit around with family as we chat about our last year’s christmas and how my mama made a joke about us  growing old so fast. Yes, to her that was supposed to be a joke but in real sense, we are growing up so fast. We will sit up all night after the mass, talk about our grandma and how she used to beat us when we were young.  Go down the memory lane remembering how we played cha mama and cha baba.  How our parents were strict back in the day but now we sit and laugh on the same table. There is even this one time we drunk wine as they were watching. If that is not good enough to proof we are old then I do not know what will. We will sit, eat,drink and talk because baby Jesus has been born.

Our parents brought us up with my cousins as a family. We do a lot of things together and that is why this christmas we are doing  it again. We will then sleep for like two , three  hours, then wake up. It will be 25th December 2015.


There is that christmas tree that will be at the far corner of the living room. Lighting with baloons and all the merry merries it can handle. My little brother (who thinks he is old enough) will then be told to blow up all the baloons that daddy bought and hang them all around the room. Meanwhile, I and my female cousins will be in the jiko, cooking chapati and mandazi.

My mother will then see that one jiko is not enough, with the lessons from her mama, she will see what to do and light up a firewood jiko outside the house. I should have been taught this tactics when I was small. With the jiko, she will cook pilau and stew with the help of my adorable aunt.

Kithy kuja utusaidie kubonda hii mukimo” – this will be my mama right here. She always cooks but never wants to mash the  maize and potatoes. I will be given that to do. There is no reason for me to refuse. I will then leave the kitchen go help mama. My cousins will get mad but have no option.  After I finish, I will get back to what I was doing.

Mean while, as we ladies cook tukipiga mushene, my daddy, uncle and older brother will be doing the ‘kuchinja mbuzi’ . What is a christmas without mbuzi? My brother will then get bored of staying there with the older men and just as he is about to leave, my uncle, who  by the way is always giving us advice, will start doing the norm.

Unajua hii maisha ni ngumu bila pesa…...’ blah blah blah.. am sure my brother will only hear that part and the rest will be history.

Cmon uncle, it’s christmas not advicemas!. They will slaughter  the mbuzi. Cook and roast the head. I will be the first to have the  soup. For sure, it is sweet. Very sweet indeed and I love it.

We will finish cooking by mid-day I assume. Everyone will go separate ways. Shower then we can meet up again. Not to cook but to now eat. Doing justice to our stomach.  I will help my mama arrange the food in dishes and all the utensils.

By 2PM, we will all be smart. This christmas, there will be no  ‘Nguo za Christmas’. We are old for that. We will be sitting at the terrace, hoping it does not rain, sit together as one family and eat, eat and eat. Well, at this point there will be no talking. We will all be talking to our stomachs. That akward silence will  then be interrupted by my aunt shouting “Merry christmas family!!” At this point no one will respond because we eating and there is food in our mouth. But am sure the smile on our faces will be our response to her.

“Merry christmas to you aunty.” I will tell her after am done. This will just be to comfort her for not saying it the first time as she expected.  After we all eat, my cousins and I will be bored for sometime, reason being our parents will all be there. This is the point you pretend to be a cool person. Not talkative. Not nosy. Just cool.

“Si twendeni castle forest lodge”,

“Hmm, ni late sa hii. unless we go to Makuti”.

Makuti is much more of a lounge where parents go with their children. As children play on the bouncing castle, the parents are  busy satisfying their throat with tusker baridi as some danceto Kanungo.

“Yeah, I think makuti iko poa” My little brother will say.

“Eeeh ni poa lakini wewe ujue unakunywa soda“, I will snap at him.

The thing is my brother thinks  he is all grown up and can drink alcohol. He is only sixteen and with me by his side, it’s a no-way possibility. We will start heading to makuti. After all, all our pockets will be full because it is a holilday. Not any holiday, it’s christmas. It will be so much fun. As we walk to makuti, selfies will be part of the journey. I love selfies. I will then update it on Instagram #christmasmanenoz #cousinsforever #coolerthanyours #merrychristmaseveryone. I will also share the selfie on facebook.

Just as we enter Makuti, we will hear chini kwa chini, nyongwa nyongwa play at the background. My crazy cousin (name withheld) will start dancing from the gate. She is always in a party mood. One of the reasons I like hanging out with her. We will  sit right outside, near the waiter for easier passing of drinks.

Yes we will have fun, but still bare in mind that we will be going to our parents house for the night. This is not Nairobi where you drink and drink and get out of the club at five in the morning looking like a scare crow and no one will care where you are from. At this point, we will go back home looking all composed like nothing happened or no alcohol was taken.

I have funny cousins and brothers. we will talk, laugh out loud, and share our life experiences as we enjoy the cold drinks.

“Sorry bro, but you will be drinking fanta. Fanta orange for that matter. See me after four years and I will spoil you to the max. But for now be cool. Be a good boy!”. That will be me saying that to my little brother. Of course, he will get so mad at me for treating him like a kid. I just want to be the best sister he ever had! I will wake up and dance to the rambo kanambo song and amarula. Before we know it, it will be ten in the evening. Not that our parents will really be worried about our whereabouts but to show them that we are still the good children they raised, we will get ready to leave.

“Boss, tuletee bill tafadhali”  the bill will be brought and we pay. Everyone silent because no one will believe that we could use that huge amount of money buying just a couple of drinks. We will then head straight home, everyone jovial that the day was a great one. Memories have been created.

My mama will then ask my little bro whether he wants food to eat. Sometimes I think my little bro is mums’ favourtite. But anyway,  she is still  my mama. Anyone who gets hungry will head to the kitchen. We will all be in the living room, watching the News at eleven before everyone starts feeling sleepy.

We will take time to realize that dad is not in the house and only realize that after we hear him  pull his car to a halt and knock at the backdoor in the wee hours.


To my Readers and Followers,

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year 2016!!


KithyLouise is a Nairobi Based Writer. IT software engineer by profession and Creative Writer by passion. She loves writing about her personal experiences, travel and telling short stories. She is a young talent promoter and a Youtuber. She has also written an online book series that she wishes to publish one day.

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