Never the same again…

She sat on the toilet seat crying and confused. Her heart beat fast every time she looked at the pregnancy test that had turned  positive. What had she done? What was she going to do? Too many questions ran through her mind.

Her name was Winnie. She had just joined the university of her choice and dedicated herself to books. She had promised her parents that she will work hard and be the best in her class. One day as she was in the schools’ library selecting a series of books to study for her assessment that was the following day, she saw this guy. Tall, dark and handsome. His smile would literally make her heart beat fast. The guy whose name was Collins approached her and asked what course she was pursuing.  As he stretched his hand to say hi to her, she got cold shivers.  She had never been that close to a guy. Her strict parents had never allowed her to go near any boy while she was in school.

She stretched her hand and said hi to the guy. Their conversation kept on going but did not take long before the librarian came and told them to go sit down and stop making noise for the other students who were busy studying. Before leaving, Collins ensured they exchanged numbers with Winnie and promised to call her and probably have some coffee the next time they meet up. Then he left. Winnie got confused on what she was looking for and decided to go out look for her friends and tell them about this guy that she has just met.

“C’mon gal, tell us more! he dark? Brown? Tall?” Jenny could not keep calm.

“What course is he pursuing? Can we meet him already?” Sarah asked..

The three had been close friends since they had joined campus and they shared all secrets and stories.

At this point Winnie was already tired of her friends asking so many questions whereas they had just met with Collins. They barely even knew each other.. guys!! We barely even know each other. His name is Collins and we exchanged numbers. He said he will be calling me so I guess am just gonna wait..maybe he didn’t even save my number. Who knows? We might never meet again in this huge school of ours. So y’all need to keep calm!”

Jenny and Sarah kept calm and decided to wait and see how this will go.

That night in the ladies hostel, Winnie couldn’t help but remember how sparkly his smile was. How tall and handsome he was. She kept looking at her phone to see if Collins number will text but to no avail. That night she slept smiling and hoping that in the morning she will wake up to a good morning text from this handsome man who was driving crazy.

She woke up the next day and prepared to go to class. It was a bright sunny day. She wore her sleeveless multi-colored dress that she had purchased some months back  in town. This was one of her favorite dresses and who knows! She might just bump into Collins again. That morning she was all jovial that her friends asked her what the excitement was about.  All she could say was she was just happy. They had breakfast, grabbed their  bags and left for their morning lectures.

A week passed by and Collins had not said anything. Winnie was beginning to feel that Collins was not serious on what he had said. The truth is she did not know who Collins was. She was just a first year student in a university surrounded with people from different ethnicity, background and religion. She was a naive lady who did not understand what is expected of her while away from home.

One night as the ladies were having dinner, Winnie received a text from Collins.

Oh My G! Collins just texted me!!” She said surprised.

Wait! what!!’s been like forever! What does he say?” Sarah asked

Hi Beautiful, how are you?‘ Winnie read it out loud.

She didn’t know whether to reply after one minute or wait for thirty minutes.

“Let me reply after thirty minutes. that way he will not know I have been waiting for his text.”

Thirty minutes down………..

Am doing fine. Thanks‘ She replied. Crossing her fingers and hoping that he will reply as soon as possible.

“Gal I know you like him already..” Jenny insisted.

“Hmm I don’t know…time will tell.

However much Winnie tried to hide her feelings towards Collins, her two best friends knew her well. They waited for Collins text to come through but it did not. It was very late they decided to go sleep and see each other the next morning.

As Winnie woke up the next morning, she saw a text from Collins asking her if she could visit him at his place. Winnie had never gone to a guys’ house alone. She didn’t know what to expect. To her it was just going to be a usual visit to his house. Back in his mind, Collins knew his intentions. He knew what he wanted from her and he being a forth year student was way experienced and had nothing to loose.

‘Good Morning. Sure no problem‘ She replied.

OK Cool, Tonight?‘ Collins replied a few seconds later.

Yeah tonight is fine.’

Winnie couldn’t wait to tell her friends that she could be spending the night at Collins house. She packed her books and clothes for the next day since she was not going to go back to the hostel. She was so excited. At last she could meet up with the guy who made her heart skip a beat at every thought of him. But the question was did Collins really feel the same way towards her?

I guess Collins want to confess how he feels for me. Hmm no, wait…maybe he has been thinking about me as I have been thinking about him. Let me just wait and  see what he has for me.’ Her thoughts could not keep calm.

That day she wished that time would fly. All she did was fantasize on how awesome it was going to be to spend the night with Collins.


It was 9 PM and they were now having supper as they talked. Collins was so happy to be with Winnie in his house. Confessing how Winnie made him feel and how he liked her. Even told her that he had noticed her before they met in the library. Winnie blushed on hearing this.

It was getting late and after having supper, they had to go to bed. As Winnie sat on the edge of the bed, Collins moved closer to her and touched her thigh. She sat there speechless. A feeling she couldn’t explain overwhelmed her. He moved closer and kissed her. This was her first kiss. She couldn’t resist the feeling and gave herself in to him. That night something memorable happened to her and she was never going to forget.  A feeling she could not even explain to her friends.


The next morning they prepared together with Collins and left for school since they all had lectures in the morning. She was still trying to come in terms with that had happened the previous night. She had lost her virginity to Collins. The guy who had invited her to his place when they barely knew each other. The guy she couldn’t stop thinking about. The guy who had just made herself give in.

As they walked together to school, they saw Sarah and Jenny. Winnie hugged Collins bye and headed  to her friends. She told them about the whole experience and how good she felt about spending the night there.

“I think… am in love with…Collins.” She hesitated to say.

“I knew it!! I knew it!!” Jenny said laughing.

“Hey are you sure he is in love with you? Has he told you anything about love?” Sarah asked Winnie.

“Hmm love? No..not yet. But maybe he will. He just said he liked me”

Sarah was beginning to feel sorry for Winnie already.

“It’s gonna be well. Maybe he loves you too. Only that he has not said it.” Sarah tried to comfort Winnie.

They all headed to their respective lecture rooms for the day.

Winnie did not really know who Collins was yet she already had feelings for him. He was a forth year student who was pursuing computer science and was well known in the school for his bad behaviors. He was always the talk of the school. There is this one time he was arrested for starting a strike in the campus environs and was arrested.

A month passed and they had not talked to each other with Collins. What was happening? She could not understand. Deep down she was scared and worried. She had not received her menses for the past two weeks and did not who or where to go to for consultation. She was getting confused. Could she be pregnant? She did not know. She withdrew away from Sarah and Jenny and decided to stay alone. She was getting miserable as days went by. Her love for Collins was still on even when he did not pick her calls she did not give up on him.

At this point, she only had one option. To go and buy the pregnancy kit to know her fate. Avoiding Sarah and Jenny from seeing her, she crept out and headed to the chemist. She purchased and went to the washrooms to test. Her fingers crossed  praying and hoping she could not be pregnant. She was all nervous and confused after seeing the results.

What was she going to do if she really was pregnant? What was she going to tell her parents? What was she going to do? She was deep in thought.

Yes. she was pregnant.

She just sat there confused and started crying. Uncertain of what her life would turn out to be. Regret filled her thoughts and cursed herself on why she had gone  to his house that night. At that moment, her life had crumbled and never would it be the same again…..


KithyLouise is a Nairobi Based Writer. IT software engineer by profession and Creative Writer by passion. She loves writing about her personal experiences, travel and telling short stories. She is a young talent promoter and a Youtuber. She has also written an online book series that she wishes to publish one day.

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