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I am Panicking..

Right now I am just sitting, listening to music as I wander my mind around what is happening right now in my life. A lot is happening but there is only one thing making me panic. It is the thought of this year coming to an end. So lately I have been waking up very early and by early I mean 5.30AM or 6.00AM when sleep takes the better part of me. I snooze my alarm two three times before waking up, it is either I am a lover of sleep or sleep just can't leave me alone. I am yet to figure this out. I don't wake up that early to go to

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Date with the devils – Part One

By Dennis Kioko The devil has not been happy with my life . I know that. In fact, in every attempt of trying to live a holy life, life without blemish. He interferes and pulls me down once again. He makes sure that I am always his client and there is no way I can see this Kingdom of Heaven that I have been waiting for or rather my name being drafted in that big book of life. I guess he is in love with me. The genesis of our so called relationship started last year when our pastor migrated the church to another area at Githurai.

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Please, Take Me To Church

I stare at my white ceiling. The white ceiling that has huge brown spots due to the rain licking inside.  It's staring back at me. Does it ever get tired? My mind hits back to how many times I have had to consult the caretaker. It's like am usually preaching to him and he never seems to understand what am saying. It has now become a daily habit to always remind him I need my ceiling fixed. Few months down the line, still nothing. At this point I feel like giving up and just leaving this house completely. I have had enough

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Yes It’s My Life – Three

I have sat down and thought about my so called 'life'. I might be over thinking but all I know is I did not come up with an answer to all my questions. You know, questions like where will I be in the next five years or so. Questions like what will happen if my life came to a halt today? Would the friends I call friends come to my burial? Would I be sleeping in the coffin and see that is Mary Anne, that is Nelly, Winnie did not know! Too many questions but you know what, am too young to stress about what life got for

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Yes Mama I Did it!!!

I sometimes look back at my high school life and wonder how I made it through. I was not the best that everyone wanted me to be. I was average. I hate average. Average this, average that. I wanted more. I needed more than just education. I wanted to experience life outside school. Life outside the closed gates. Life outside wearing uniform the whole time. This is what I wanted. Freedom to do what I want at any time. I had a dream.... I recall one day an uncle of mine asked what course I wanted to pursue after school. Ok , here

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Karaoke Love – Part Four

Did she know that Richard was looking for her? Did she know that her music career was just about to begin? No, she did not. She moved on with her daily life activities but always looking forward to karaoke nights. This was the only way she was going to better her way of singing. As days passed by, all she could do was fantasize about the big day. I call it big because this is what she had always wanted. What she always longed for. The morning of the day came and Stacy woke up earlier than usual. Looking forward to the night of the

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Of stalkers … by Dama

Ok, I know am not the only one who thinks following someone right behind is creepy. Very creepy. My heart skips a beat everytime my instincts tell me someone is right behind me following me. How scary can it be? How disturbing? Especially knowing that it's late and I need to be home. Mama is on her way. Hmm, that food better be ready before she knocks the door... Of Stalkers - By Dama. Its 9:00pm. You are not home yet. Mum will be home in an hour’s time and you haven’t cooked her dinner. That spells trouble. We all know how

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Ladies Shisha Night Out

I am never smoking shisha again. This is the tenth time am swearing this. My cousin can atest to that. So this is what happened. During the weekend, my cousin, who I call siz (coz she is more than just a cousin to me), told me she would like to smoke shisha. Actually, it's something that she has always wanted but never got a chance to. This weekend I was available and had no 'mpango' so yes, I was going to take her out. "Kithy, si you take me to smoke shisha." "Haha, are you serious?" "Eeh niko serious.Twende Sato" - Yes am

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Karaoke Love – part two

Stacy promised herself to be going to Karaoke Saturday nights at the club because this would help her become who she wanted to be. She had a dream and had to work  towards achieving it. It had been a long night so they all fell asleep………. In her mind, all she could recall were the events of the previous night. She had enjoyed every bit. Pretty much different from what she had expected. As she sat on her bed after a long night of rest, she recalled Richard and smiled. She had a lot of questions that she needed answers. Like why was

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Yes, It’s my life – Two

Please anyone who sees Jackson Biko, please direct him here!! BikoZulu I love you!! (Am shouting, literally) So here is the thing, I just realized it's been ten days since I posted something on my site. Ten days!! Too long! I was sitting and started asking myself what has made me not write for that long. Here is the thing, I did not know I had a busy life just until now. I've been up and down. Currently out of Nairobi. I also realized am addicted to youtube. I have been sleeping at 2AM. Seriously!! Because of youtube. I

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