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Get to know Me…

I come from the slopes of Mt Kenya. Kirinyaga is where I was born and raised by my parents. I have two siblings and am the second born. I went to Primary school, finished, went to high school and finished then went to campus and finished. Though my mama still insists I continue reading until I see the 'No education ahead' sign. What I know is I love sleep. Sleep and I are one. It never disappoints. If you have read any of my posts, you will realize how close we are. Only that sometimes it never wants to leave me alone even after

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Next Rated superstar – Group B Auditions.

This is a music competition where we get to choose the top guys in singing and will later receive sponsorship to go to Nigeria and record with well known artistes from Nigeria. If you missed my article on the Next Rated Superstar explaining what it is about, click here . The first eliminations were on 17th September at Sarakasi Dome, Ngara and we got to see talent and pure talent. Youth with strong voices, sweet voices and also rappers. For real, Kenyans got talent. Tusker Project Fame came and made Kenyans stars. Next Rated

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Where I stay…

I moved into my neighborhood sometime last year and I never ever regret doing that. So, before that I lived in Ngara in a hostel. Not that I liked staying there but my mama been this old fashioned and insecure lady thought that it was a great idea to stay in the hostel. She is the kind of parents who think that if their daughter comes to Nairobi, she will get into bad company or she will just get pregnant from the blues. You guys get what I mean. What she did not know is that hostel is a total mess. OK, not really a whole lot of

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Yes Mama I Did it!!!

I sometimes look back at my high school life and wonder how I made it through. I was not the best that everyone wanted me to be. I was average. I hate average. Average this, average that. I wanted more. I needed more than just education. I wanted to experience life outside school. Life outside the closed gates. Life outside wearing uniform the whole time. This is what I wanted. Freedom to do what I want at any time. I had a dream.... I recall one day an uncle of mine asked what course I wanted to pursue after school. Ok , here

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Ladies Shisha Night Out

I am never smoking shisha again. This is the tenth time am swearing this. My cousin can atest to that. So this is what happened. During the weekend, my cousin, who I call siz (coz she is more than just a cousin to me), told me she would like to smoke shisha. Actually, it's something that she has always wanted but never got a chance to. This weekend I was available and had no 'mpango' so yes, I was going to take her out. "Kithy, si you take me to smoke shisha." "Haha, are you serious?" "Eeh niko serious.Twende Sato" - Yes am

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Yes , It’s my life – One

I do not know what my life entails at the moment. My so called life has been so entangled. I am no introvert but at some point I think I am. That is just how complicated my life has been. Complicated or weirld? I don't know. I do not know myself any more. I have been sleeping for more than 10 hours. Am serious and I think I need to see a doctor. Am the kinda person who sleeps 7 hours but oflate I just don't know what is wrong. I believe that it is very unhealthy sleeping all those hours. Seriously what kinda adult sleeps 10 hours?

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Saturday , 6:00 PM

I can't believe am at work at this time. Yes , its 6:15 PM on a Saturday. Wait , did I say it's Saturday? Working? At this time? Seriously , I also can not believe that. This is not me working at this time. It's my ghost-worker. I need to go out and have some fun! But looks like I have no option , am stuck in the office till God knows when. Anyhu , Wishing y'all a great weekend and thanks to my readers and followers. Mean while , let me figure out how I will continue working on a Saturday evening. Anyone with some tips ,

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A letter to my mama in the Village!

Hi Mama , I hope you are doing good. Am writing this letter to let you know how am doing. I have been pushing on well for the last six months I haven't seen you. But I miss you. Trust me! Nairobi is  a big city and I have been exploring  and learnt a few things. I have had a chance to visit the largest building here. They call it K.I.C.C. Leave alone that , there are several chips(fries) and chicken outlets on almost every street and a lot of people especially 'downtown'. My school results are terrible Mama! I have not been

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