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Who am I?

My life has been a mess....My life has been a blessing.... My life has been a nightmare...My life has been the best... My life has been......too much to handle... My life this!! My life that!! What does life in general even mean? I have lost, I have gained...I have sang songs of joy. I have cried....I have laughed. That is life right? You reading this, can you probably explain better what life is?...Why does it have to be complicated? No...wait. Is it really complicated? Is it a bed of roses or not? Is it like a sweet

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Is this Love?

She will never understand that kind of feeling.  A feeling that made her heart throb fast at the thought of him. A feeling  that made her nervous.  This feeling was so intense. A kind of  feeling that made her get lost in deep thought. Her imagination would run wild at the thought of him. Was it love? Was it lust? Was it infactutation? If only she could get someone to answer that question on her behalf.  It was evident she was in love with him but was he in love with her? Had she thought they were going to be together? Maybe

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Mama And Papa

This is for my papa and mama. You are the reason I came to this world. You are the reason I am where I am. You are the reason I never gave up. You are the reason I have amazing parents and that is you. I love you mama and papa. The sleepless nights you spent taking care of me, The food you never ate so that I could have something to eat. The education you never gave up to see me learn. The toil you went through day and night to bring food to the table and that is you. My mama and papa. You are my parents for a reason. You are

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Random Thought #DearCookie

Dear cookie, why is it that every time I look at you sitting on the supermarket shelf I crave for you? I have tried to avoid you in a long time but ,you keep wanting me to want you. I just don't know how you do it. I love the crunchy you. The sweet you. How you taste like vanilla! I crave for you every week and every time I see you lying there. I only have one problem with you though. It's that once I eat you , my tooth starts aching. I will not say you are the reason why it does but at some point I really think you are. You

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