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Nothing is going through my mind right now. Am thinking of listening to some music but that will not resolve my mystery in this Life. I have for the longest time lived this life without focus. I have just been living. Just Living. But I am loving the new me, I am loving how focused I have been of late and how 'busy' I have been. Yeah, the busy is in quotes because I can not tell what I have been doing however busy I have been. I seriously need some help. In my yes, It's my life - two Here ,  I said I was thinking of  starting a

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A Day in My Life..

Today morning I woke up feeling sick and a friend proposed I go to the nearest hospital.  I don't know why but the thought of going to hospital totally freaks me out. The last time I was there I was injected. At this age, I still fear injections. The pain, I can't take it but I try my best not to shed a tear. I sit up and start to plan my day. Am the kinda person who sleeps not knowing what the next day plans are going to be. It's Thursday. I check my alarm and realize am thirty minutes late from my usual wake up time. Damn..This

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Please, Take Me To Church

I stare at my white ceiling. The white ceiling that has huge brown spots due to the rain licking inside.  It's staring back at me. Does it ever get tired? My mind hits back to how many times I have had to consult the caretaker. It's like am usually preaching to him and he never seems to understand what am saying. It has now become a daily habit to always remind him I need my ceiling fixed. Few months down the line, still nothing. At this point I feel like giving up and just leaving this house completely. I have had enough

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Yes It’s My Life – Three

I have sat down and thought about my so called 'life'. I might be over thinking but all I know is I did not come up with an answer to all my questions. You know, questions like where will I be in the next five years or so. Questions like what will happen if my life came to a halt today? Would the friends I call friends come to my burial? Would I be sleeping in the coffin and see that is Mary Anne, that is Nelly, Winnie did not know! Too many questions but you know what, am too young to stress about what life got for

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Yes Mama I Did it!!!

I sometimes look back at my high school life and wonder how I made it through. I was not the best that everyone wanted me to be. I was average. I hate average. Average this, average that. I wanted more. I needed more than just education. I wanted to experience life outside school. Life outside the closed gates. Life outside wearing uniform the whole time. This is what I wanted. Freedom to do what I want at any time. I had a dream.... I recall one day an uncle of mine asked what course I wanted to pursue after school. Ok , here

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Mama And Papa

This is for my papa and mama. You are the reason I came to this world. You are the reason I am where I am. You are the reason I never gave up. You are the reason I have amazing parents and that is you. I love you mama and papa. The sleepless nights you spent taking care of me, The food you never ate so that I could have something to eat. The education you never gave up to see me learn. The toil you went through day and night to bring food to the table and that is you. My mama and papa. You are my parents for a reason. You are

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All in a days’ hustle…

I wake up in the morning looking forward for a great day in the office. Dress up and rush to work before it's late. As I walk to the stage to board a bus , I see this old mama in a bodaboda , carrying a basket full of fruits or vegetables I assume. I pity her seen how hard she is working to ensure she sustains her family and her needs. The kikapu looks heavy but she has no option. She later alights at a kibanda just opposite the stage and starts arranging her vegetables. I ask myself what happens if the mboga does not get bought

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Random Thought #Thisguy

Am in this ma3 heading to town and this guy sitting right next to me is literally looking at what am typing on my whatsapp chats. Really now? Am thinking of telling him to focus and look in front. He should just stop looking at what am doing.. seriously? Like do people still stare? If they still do , this one is a special case. Dude please get your own phone or help me reply to the message I assume you already know what I wanna text. ...

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It’s the PHONE

"Hey girl , Did you check out my status on Facebook last week?" "Yes I did and girl , those were a lot of likes! " "Yeah! you can say that again!" These were the divas in her school. she was in her forth form by then. All she could hear were people sharing stories about their holiday. How they had fun. How they kissed a guy for the first time. How they  went for jam session in town , got high and shared pictures on Instagram and Facebook. She just listened. Why? Because she had never experienced any of that. Her name was

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My Adventure in P.S.Vs

I usually use public vehicles to travel to my destination. I am not going to say its  fun , neither is it boring. But the fact that one has to wait until the bus is full just pisses me off. So I happened to board a very loud noisy bus as I was heading home. The music was so loud it made my ears feel like they were popping out.The noise so sharp that it made me uncomfortable. But well , since am the one who voluntered to get in there I was not gonna complain. The truth is , sometimes I love listening to loud music. Am also very

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