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Date with the devils – Part Three

Sometimes we create our own heartbreaks through expectation. All she could offer me was heartbreak... On that very evening when I was still lying on my bed thinking of how this counselors of mine had messed up with my life, I decided to now call Nderitu. Nderitu is one of my longtime friend and adviser too who has known me for the better part of my life. Though he hasn’t recently been much loyal. I had also included him in my list of counselors, reason being he knew all my problems and it’s not surprising that he was the cause of

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Get to know Me…

I come from the slopes of Mt Kenya. Kirinyaga is where I was born and raised by my parents. I have two siblings and am the second born. I went to Primary school, finished, went to high school and finished then went to campus and finished. Though my mama still insists I continue reading until I see the 'No education ahead' sign. What I know is I love sleep. Sleep and I are one. It never disappoints. If you have read any of my posts, you will realize how close we are. Only that sometimes it never wants to leave me alone even after

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Karaoke Love – Part six

As she unlocked her phone to set the next days’ alarm, she saw a text from Richard, it read: ‘Hi beautiful, hope you are home safe. Have a lovely night…’ She blushed away and shown Julie the text. Julie smiled. Well, it was clear that Richard had liked Stacy from the first time he had seen her perform on stage. In no time, they drowned to sleep. The two ladies had been tired after a long night and it was already midnight. Richard had told Stacy that night that he shall be around for the next one month before he went back to South

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Karaoke Love – part two

Stacy promised herself to be going to Karaoke Saturday nights at the club because this would help her become who she wanted to be. She had a dream and had to work  towards achieving it. It had been a long night so they all fell asleep………. In her mind, all she could recall were the events of the previous night. She had enjoyed every bit. Pretty much different from what she had expected. As she sat on her bed after a long night of rest, she recalled Richard and smiled. She had a lot of questions that she needed answers. Like why was

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Karaoke Love – Part One

She had been indoors all day. No game plan on how she would spend her day. She sat down on her couch staring at the blank wall like she expected it to open up to her and share all the little secrets it had. Her phone did not buzz at any one time.  No text messages. No incoming calls. What a long day! Didn't she have any friends to hang out with?  Of course she had friends, she just did not know what was happening at the moment. Her girlfriends were all having a busy Saturday.  She was all alone in her lonely house. She had been

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