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Old Lady in My Dream.

Yes I saw the old lady. It was her. She was standing right next to me. She stretched her hand as if asking me to hold it but I was not sure whether to so I did not stretch back. That moment, I looked at her face and it looked old, skinny and dry. I realized she looked sad and miserable. Like she had been living in a land with no water, no life and no love. It felt like we had a connection...A special connection. I could feel her heartbeat. I could feel how sad she was. I could feel too much already and I was afraid. I was sure

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A Day in My Life..

Today morning I woke up feeling sick and a friend proposed I go to the nearest hospital.  I don't know why but the thought of going to hospital totally freaks me out. The last time I was there I was injected. At this age, I still fear injections. The pain, I can't take it but I try my best not to shed a tear. I sit up and start to plan my day. Am the kinda person who sleeps not knowing what the next day plans are going to be. It's Thursday. I check my alarm and realize am thirty minutes late from my usual wake up time. Damn..This

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Please, Take Me To Church

I stare at my white ceiling. The white ceiling that has huge brown spots due to the rain licking inside.  It's staring back at me. Does it ever get tired? My mind hits back to how many times I have had to consult the caretaker. It's like am usually preaching to him and he never seems to understand what am saying. It has now become a daily habit to always remind him I need my ceiling fixed. Few months down the line, still nothing. At this point I feel like giving up and just leaving this house completely. I have had enough

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Yes Mama I Did it!!!

I sometimes look back at my high school life and wonder how I made it through. I was not the best that everyone wanted me to be. I was average. I hate average. Average this, average that. I wanted more. I needed more than just education. I wanted to experience life outside school. Life outside the closed gates. Life outside wearing uniform the whole time. This is what I wanted. Freedom to do what I want at any time. I had a dream.... I recall one day an uncle of mine asked what course I wanted to pursue after school. Ok , here

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It’s the good life…

I still look forward to that day. That day that I will just lie in my warm bed the whole day. Have breakfast in bed, Lunch in bed and just lie there. No stress. No worry about life. I look forward to that day that all I will be doing is picking business calls from clients and telling them to work as per my schedule. If am not available, no meeting will take place.  I call this the good life. No meeting will take place because I will be the boss lady. I do the clients hold a meeting without the boss-lady been there?

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Karaoke Love – Part six

As she unlocked her phone to set the next days’ alarm, she saw a text from Richard, it read: ‘Hi beautiful, hope you are home safe. Have a lovely night…’ She blushed away and shown Julie the text. Julie smiled. Well, it was clear that Richard had liked Stacy from the first time he had seen her perform on stage. In no time, they drowned to sleep. The two ladies had been tired after a long night and it was already midnight. Richard had told Stacy that night that he shall be around for the next one month before he went back to South

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Karaoke Love – Part Five

As she was just about to start singing, she looked at the crowd and what she saw made her lighten up. At the far end entrance, she saw someone come in. The face looked familiar. This was the guy who had introduced himself to her the first night she had performed in the same club. Yes, it was Richard……. She could not contain her happiness. Richard was the guy she had been thinking about for a very long time. Richard on the other side had gone through hell looking for Stacy. And here they were. Avoiding any more distraction, she

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Karaoke Love – Part Four

Did she know that Richard was looking for her? Did she know that her music career was just about to begin? No, she did not. She moved on with her daily life activities but always looking forward to karaoke nights. This was the only way she was going to better her way of singing. As days passed by, all she could do was fantasize about the big day. I call it big because this is what she had always wanted. What she always longed for. The morning of the day came and Stacy woke up earlier than usual. Looking forward to the night of the

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Karaoke Love – Part three

Stacy was speechless and so excited. She went home fantacizing about the party and how it was going to be. Richard was no longer in the picture. All she could dream about what this huge karaoke party that she had been invited to perform…… Click here for part two She could already picture herself standing on the platform, singing her best song and the crowd singing along to her sweet loud voice. Not really acclaiming herself but she knew that she was a good singer. She knew she had a lovely voice. Nevertheless, she had to prepare

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Karaoke Love – Part One

She had been indoors all day. No game plan on how she would spend her day. She sat down on her couch staring at the blank wall like she expected it to open up to her and share all the little secrets it had. Her phone did not buzz at any one time.  No text messages. No incoming calls. What a long day! Didn't she have any friends to hang out with?  Of course she had friends, she just did not know what was happening at the moment. Her girlfriends were all having a busy Saturday.  She was all alone in her lonely house. She had been

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