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A Day in My Life..

Today morning I woke up feeling sick and a friend proposed I go to the nearest hospital.  I don't know why but the thought of going to hospital totally freaks me out. The last time I was there I was injected. At this age, I still fear injections. The pain, I can't take it but I try my best not to shed a tear. I sit up and start to plan my day. Am the kinda person who sleeps not knowing what the next day plans are going to be. It's Thursday. I check my alarm and realize am thirty minutes late from my usual wake up time. Damn..This

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Karaoke Love – part two

Stacy promised herself to be going to Karaoke Saturday nights at the club because this would help her become who she wanted to be. She had a dream and had to work  towards achieving it. It had been a long night so they all fell asleep………. In her mind, all she could recall were the events of the previous night. She had enjoyed every bit. Pretty much different from what she had expected. As she sat on her bed after a long night of rest, she recalled Richard and smiled. She had a lot of questions that she needed answers. Like why was

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All in a days’ hustle…

I wake up in the morning looking forward for a great day in the office. Dress up and rush to work before it's late. As I walk to the stage to board a bus , I see this old mama in a bodaboda , carrying a basket full of fruits or vegetables I assume. I pity her seen how hard she is working to ensure she sustains her family and her needs. The kikapu looks heavy but she has no option. She later alights at a kibanda just opposite the stage and starts arranging her vegetables. I ask myself what happens if the mboga does not get bought

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Saturday , 6:00 PM

I can't believe am at work at this time. Yes , its 6:15 PM on a Saturday. Wait , did I say it's Saturday? Working? At this time? Seriously , I also can not believe that. This is not me working at this time. It's my ghost-worker. I need to go out and have some fun! But looks like I have no option , am stuck in the office till God knows when. Anyhu , Wishing y'all a great weekend and thanks to my readers and followers. Mean while , let me figure out how I will continue working on a Saturday evening. Anyone with some tips ,

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