Yes, It’s my life – Two

Please anyone who sees Jackson Biko, please direct him here!! BikoZulu I love you!! (Am shouting, literally)

So here is the thing, I just realized it’s been ten days since I posted something on my site. Ten days!! Too long!


I was sitting and started asking myself what has made me not write for that long. Here is the thing, I did not know I had a busy life just until now. I’ve been up and down. Currently out of Nairobi.

I also realized am addicted to youtube. I have been sleeping at 2AM. Seriously!! Because of youtube. I have actually been thinking of opening up an account. But then I ask myself what would I be talking about? I think I would just be showing you guys how I write and how I spend hours trying to edit a post. I would then do a best friend tag , sibling tag then what? Then close up my channel because I would not have anything else to share.

Youtube and movies could be the reason for my insomnia. Chat me up at 2 AM and I will be online. Like what the hell am I doing up at 2?!! It’s like I got no life!! It’s like I have alot of time but that is not the case. Not forgetting I have work to go to at 8 in the morning. But well, this weekend is all planned. Am just going to sleep and sleep and sleep. No movies. No partying. Only God will help me because I know I can’t stay without partying on a weekend. Am going to need lots and lots of sleep this weekend.

Anyone who’s watched Drakes’ hotline Bling song? I have and the song is dope but for some reason I think Drake is dancing weirld. Weird in a funny way. I checked out the video and couldn’t help but laugh out loud! Seriously, if anyone hasn’t checked it out, you should! It will totally make your day. I have also been into hiphop oflate. Am so loving it. My little bro is part of why am loving hiphop. He can sing a whole hiphop song without stammering! Like how? The last time I checked our family had no background in music and he is only seventeen years old!! Which songs did I use to know while I was seventeen? I would try learn lyrics for if I were a boy by Rihanna and I tell you the struggle was real!

I have been so busy reading. You guys remember the book I told you I have been reading for three months? I am almost done with it. Probably I will then purchase a political novel see how many pages I can get to. Trust me I will not even get to page ten. That I know. I would want to continue and get to learn how to be a politician and how to play the dirty game but then, what would that even benefit me in? I think I would reach a point and just shove it at the far end of my bookshelf because I dislike politics. Another romantic novel will do. Who doesn’t like romance?

Do you know how many friends I’ve had tell me am a snob? Or someone just comes and tells me Kithy I did not think you were that friendly. Always thought you were a snob. Not one not two. Please stop thinking and just come see me and get to know me then you can judge me later. But I can be a snob especially when it comes to text messages. Anyone ever look at a message from a friend and wonder why the hell is this person texting me! I have been like that oflate. Is this what they call mood swings? Or am I just a snob? I don’t know.  I will literally look at my phone and totally ignore a message. Sorry pals if you reading this! I will make it up!

The last time I did a Yes it’s my life post, I followed a group known as 21 days of change, I still do. Ladies can relate. I have been going to the gym for as long as I can remember but I think I came to a decision. I am never going to say I will go to the gym, I will just sit, eat and once I see am getting overweight then I believe that will make me head straight for the gym. This will only mean that my junk food will be limited and drink lots of water which I rarely do.

I have this one friend that keeps checking out the clothes I have. So she just noticed I do not have a skirt in my wardrobe! Yeah, it’s true. I don’t have even one skirt. I don’t believe that. So I decided I will upgrade my wardrobe. Buy lots of skirts and dresses. Am so happy to take this step. No more trousers because seriously I have soooo many trousers!! Will go shopping this time not in Gikomba. I will head to Moi avenue, check out the displayed skirts and dresses. Admire them and start imagining myself dressed in one. How they look so cute and classy! The only thing that will limit me from buying is the cost which might just leave me no option but head to gikomba. I still look forward to when I will be entering the moi avenue stalls and get out of there with a couple of classy clothes. You guys get what I mean. Right?

Yes, this is my life at the moment. Not so complicated as before. I love my life and will continue living life because that is why I am in this life (Hope that statement makes sense). And try be a positive thinker because that is what my aunty told me and keeps telling me.

Y’all need to be positive thinkers.

If you missed my first part of this is my life, have a read. Yes, it’s my life – One


KithyLouise is a Nairobi Based Writer. IT software engineer by profession and Creative Writer by passion. She loves writing about her personal experiences, travel and telling short stories. She is a young talent promoter and a Youtuber. She has also written an online book series that she wishes to publish one day.

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