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I do not know what my life entails at the moment. My so called life has been so entangled. I am no introvert but at some point I think I am. That is just how complicated my life has been. Complicated or weirld? I don’t know. I do not know myself any more. I have been sleeping for more than 10 hours. Am serious and I think I need to see a doctor. Am the kinda person who sleeps 7 hours but oflate I just don’t know what is wrong. I believe that it is very unhealthy sleeping all those hours. Seriously what kinda adult sleeps 10 hours? Unless you are just idle or have already achieved your dream. To me , neither of the above. Funny enough, as I wake up from my long sleep , my eyes won’t open. I still feel sleepy like the hell am I sick or what!!? I snooze my alarm for almost an hour. That is just how lazy I have become.

Back to my so complicated life at the moment, I think am losing friends. All they do is call me but I never have the gut, no let me say time . I never have the time to call and get in touch with my friends. All over sudden am this busy lady who has no time to make calls or have a  coffee date and catch up with my friends. Maybe am just half-hearted. I just don’t care how my friends are doing which is actually a very bad characteristic.
Am working towards creating time to be with my friends. The thing is yes I do care about my friends. But anyway losing friends has never been my worry because I know how amazing I am and will make new friends.

I have been so poor when it comes to replying or sending texts. I don’t get how people still subscribe to the masaa ya SMS. Like seriously , a 100 SMSs for 20 kenyan shillings? Who the hell you gonna text a 100 messages? This is when you find a long long long time friend has texted you “sasa mrembo” – Hi beautiful and the chat continues and continues. When the SMSs get finished he sends in a goodnight text. Not that he really cares about you. He was just using up his SMSs bundles that he subscribed to. I guess that is one of my reasons why I rarely use texts, and furthermore whatsapp is the thing nowadays. Wanna talk to me , hit my whatsaap not text because I might end up ignoring you. So , just to avoid any mis-understanding , no texts!

I have been looking for WIFI all over the CBD just to access my whatsapp and stalk my Instagram friends. I know it sounds weirld. Call me WIFI searcher or addict. Am fine with any. Not that I can not afford to buy bundles but it looks like WIFI is almost everywhere I go which means I rarely buy bundles. The fact that I rarely purchase bundles means that once am out of the CBD, I never get to access my whatsapp or Instagram.
Especially in the evenings. I just read novels at night before I sleep. I have been reading the talk of town by Brenda Minton and I must say it is a great romantic story to read. Having no social site to access at night due to lack of bundles , I also get time to think about me and my so called life. Like how am gonna buy ten acres of land. How I will be a billionaire in the next five years. You get what I mean? Right?

Whatever the name anti-social means , I think am one anti-social person at the moment. The thing is I like socializing but not always. Oflate I must say I have been way anti-social than I have always but I know I love socializing. OK, that now makes me sound like I don’t know me, like I don’t know where I belong but the thing is I belong everywhere. If I want to socialize I will and if I don’t want to , I won’t.

Now that I have been hanging around the CBD so much and for all I know the cheapest food they have here is chips. Let me call them fries. It has been like my daily food because so far the restaurant I went to was three hundred shillings per plate which is way expensive for me to spend in a day.  I have  been eating alot of junk food. Crisps , queen cakes, name them. I am so hating myself right now because I have been following the 21 days of change group on facebook that usually advice ladies to avoid junk. How to keep fit and avoid carbs. I just can’t avoid junk it’s like we are one. We are inseparable.

I am still wondering how people try to keep fit by avoiding sweet junky food. For me life is too short to choose what to eat and what not to. The fact that am still alone only makes it worse since I rarely cook. I have not been cooking since God knows when and it is just yesterday I realized that my gas is almost finished as I was warming water to  drink. Hmm , how unfair can my gas be?  Just makes my complicated life more complicated and now that am so broke, am just going to stay cool , continue eating fruits and junk . Enjoy WIFI as I wait for a good samaritan to help me fill up my gas.

Yes , this is my life at the moment and I will just continue living see if anything interesting happens to my so called life.


KithyLouise is a Nairobi Based Writer. IT software engineer by profession and Creative Writer by passion. She loves writing about her personal experiences, travel and telling short stories. She is also a young talent promoter. She has also written an online book series that she wishes to publish one day.

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  • zjppy
    November 18, 2015 at 1:02 pm

    wow nice one….part of it is jst mee…soo addicted to WIFi,hehe I don’t even remember that am supposed to keep fit,and sleeping can slp the whole night and day

    • kithylouise
      November 18, 2015 at 1:05 pm

      Haha , we are together in this..Thought it’s only me.

  • Tim
    November 19, 2015 at 7:59 am

    Nice read. They talk of a mid-life crisis but I think there’s another crisis that comes when one is kitu 25, I call it the silver crisis coz it coincides with the silver jubilee. That’s when you start feeling all sluggish and bloated and you could eat a horse if granted a chance. So here’s the solution….just live your life, the feeling will wear off on its own with time .

    • kithylouise
      November 19, 2015 at 8:12 am

      Hey , thanks for the tip. I will just continue living my life.

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